About Me

I am the proud owner of Kelle Dame Interiors, a residential Interior Design and home organization firm that serves the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. I am also a monthly contributor to the interiors section of the  homefinder.com blog. 

I was born with the love of design in my DNA. I started my career at the age of six, with my first dollhouse. I've been designing ever since. Thankfully, my clients are no longer plastic dolls, but real people, with real stories, and the real need for their home to express who they are.

I love what I do! There isn't any better way of saying it. I am grateful for each opportunity that allows me to help people tell their story through their space. What I do is so rewarding and fulfilling! Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients live with the BEST:  Beauty, Comfort, and Meaning.

8 Reasons You Should Hire Me:

1. I Listen

We can't get any beautiful work done without open and honest communication so, I listen, very closely, in order to understand your needs, dreams, and likes and dislikes. It's the only way for me to accurately interpret your story.

2. I am a VISUAL thinker 

I have the gift of seeing the potential of spaces and things. I can visualize down to the minute details. I can help you see the potential for your home or the potential of a piece of furniture that just needs a fresh look or even a meaningful item that needs to come out and be on display in a creative way.

3. I don't just love great design, I love how it affects people

Making perfect looking spaces is NOT my passion. My passion is creating personal, meaningful, beautiful, and comfortable surroundings, so that the BEST "you" can come out to play each day. Your home should make you happy and it should be the one place that you always want to be.

4. I was a Paralegal

For nearly 8 years, I worked my way through art school as a paralegal. This is where I developed my organizational skills. I can label, sort, and mulit-task like nobody's business!

5. I love to read

I believe the only way to stay inspired is to seek others that are inspired. I'm always seeking inspiration and new ideas by reading other blogs and books on design and culture. You don't have to worry about being up to speed on the latest trends and best of all, you don't have to have all of the answers, that's my job. That way you get to enjoy the design process more than you would on your own.

6. I love to share

The saying goes that "ideas are nothing if they aren't shared". Some designers are frightened by the idea of giving their secrets away, but I look up to people like Martha Stewart and Nate Berkus. They help others learn how to make things and give them the confidence to try it on their own. Most importantly, they help others to be inspired.

7. I'm from a small town and a modest family

Although I was probably a little spoiled (youngest girl in the family), I've worked hard, often times for free, in order to establish my name and my business. I can work hard and still keep a smile on my face.  I try to stay modest and keep a healthy sense of humor about life.

8. I'm a family gal

I have my work and then I have my family. I have a wonderful husband, a little girl, and a Boston Terrior named Benny, that I love to be with. I like to maximize our special time together, so when I'm working, that means I'm seriously working and not goofing around, wasting your time or mine. There is too much fabulous to be done!

The best way to get to know more about me and my work is to follow my blog. My blog is where I share my adventures in my own home, my projects, and my random ideas and inspirations. I tell it like it is, in an uplifting, honest sort of way. I hope you'll follow me and leave me your thoughts!