Monday, February 15, 2016

Aubergine Obsessed.....

We were less than thrilled with Pantone's colors for 2016 so we declared our own....


When I chose Valspar's Antique Burgundy (might as well be Aubergine) for our powder room, I had no idea that we would fall so hard for the color.... we want it EVERYWHERE! changes so much throughout the day. 
Every time you go into the space you see a different color.
It's pure magic!

Put it with gold and it's like, "Heyyyyy!"

I can see this color working it's way into my wardrobe...

...I need to know where to get this coat!
This evil temptress link bore no Aubergine trench coat fruit!

Mindy knows what's up...

This color even makes my pasty self look tan, which is a miracle all by itself! 

Do you see why we're obsessed?!?!

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