Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pink + Plum??

In  case you couldn't tell from the previous post, we're in the stage of picking paint colors.
While I'm very excited, I'm also very indecisive.

My brain, which is totally fried at this point, is saying "all white everything!"

But then, I get big ideas....

Like a pink and plum powder room!!

I pulled together some of my favorite things, which included this pink floral painting from the very last Leggy Bird sale...... I'll always remember that day that I found out the Leggy Bird was closing.
I wasn't very happy about it but I have so many great and completely unique pieces from that little shop around my house that I'll never forget those fabulous days!

For this inspired color palette, I tried to find the deepest hue in the background, which in this case, would be a deep, dark, almost black plum . Then, I paired that with the highlight, a very light pink.

The rest kinda fell into place as I gathered up some more of my favorite things...

Pink Greek key trim that can be used as a roman shade border, and one of my favorite necklaces...

.......and the wheels just continue to crank!

I would throw in some modern fixtures for good measure....

I am completely IN LOVE with this one from the Lucent Light Shop.... better believe I'm gonna be pulling some strings to get one of these!

And if this faucet wasn't a billion dollars....

.....I would throw in one of those too!

It's golden luster is so tempting! Maybe there will be a 90% off sale some day.

Another must for the powder room is a perfectly patina'd bar cart to hold necessities...

Only $150 at World Market.

I am doubting it's fun circle-ness will fit in the powder room though.
Good thing we need one in every room so I can surely find a place for this one!

A likely fit from Pottery Barn...

but still needs to cost less than $300.

The never ending bar cart search continues.

This powder room is also supposed to have some sconces and they haven't found me yet either.
When the time is right, my friends, and not a second before.

So, now that I have all that figured out, it's about time I change my mind.


Where's the off switch??


  1. Ha! I don't have an off switch either. I tried painting a powder room what I thought was shell pink...but it looked terrible. more Pepto. The room was too dark (not much natural light) I went lighter but I bet a deep plum would work. Just paint. Good luck!

  2. Looks great! I looove that light fixture too!


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