Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Have No Fear....

....when paint colors and tile selections are near!

Picking out every paint color and finish for an entire house can be a very daunting task.
It's much easier when you decide to just have fun!

Find your most favorite things and let the inspiration grow from there.

You can't go wrong if you're inspired by all the things you love!
Pick some colors our of your wardrobe.
I have a lot of classic black and white with gray and pops of pink and green.

My wall colors will likely be in those categories.

Do you have a few favorite patterns in your closet?

If not, go shopping and let your eyes find what they love!
It could be a shirt, a skirt, a towel. 
Pay no mind to price, function, durability, or any of those pesky details.
Just go where your eyes want to go and snap a picture with your phone or buy the item with the intent to return it once you match it up to some paint chips.

Use the patterns and colors in your inspiration piece on the walls or on small accents like, throw pillows and drapes.  

Finding a throw pillow or drapery panel that you can't live without is another way to determine your color scheme in a snap! Even if what you find is one of a kind and there isn't enough or it isn't the right size, just get it anyway. If you love it, you'll find something to do with it.

If you would wear whatever you find, then you should definitely use it in your decor.

I would wear this every day!

I'm just gonna have to buy 900 yards of it instead of a dishwasher and have drapes made for our office or master bath and then have my mom sew long fancy skirts like this...... 

for Megan and I to wear around the new house while we wash all of our own dishes.

Of course, we would have to wear our fancy skirts with this sweat shirt to even things out......

image via bow and drape

Because we're the laid-back-fancy kind of girls. 

If you have a husband or significant other that has an aversion to what you love, I don't know what to tell you. I just know that when I decide that I love something, there's no turning back. Plus, my husband is easily distracted by pickles and beef jerky so if I need him to forget about the huge floral drapes I'm trying to hang, I just lay out a trail of pickles that leads him out to the garage and I won't see him for days.

Floribunda even comes as a wallpaper!!

I'm in trouble.

If you're looking  for permission to go all out, we hope you found it here.

Get out there and try some new and crazy things this year!

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