Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bailey's Room

It feels like yesterday we were finishing up Bailey's big girl room at our old house....

I miss her old room and she does too.

I miss the pom poms on her drapes and the bookshelves we could decorate. 
Now that we're starting over in the new house, it's a bit overwhelming when I think of all the layers still to come. It's funny how over time you forget how long it takes to pull things together and all the painful steps, like paint prep, that come with finishing an entire space on your own. Kinda like how women forget the pains of labor five seconds after giving birth.
Why is that??
I never learn.

Anyway, my daughter used to tell me that she wanted to go back to our old house.
I did too.
Since we've gotten so far with the new house, she says that she can't wait to move in!
I'm right with her on that one too.

Here are a few shots of her new room with bare drywall.
This wall faces East and will have a window seat and bookshelves some day.

We also plan on adding faux beams and wood slats on the ceiling.

Kinda like this....

How dreamy would that be?!?!?
I just need to find a huge pile of free wood.
Happens like every day, right?

This wall......

.....has the doorway to her bathroom and closet.
The area to the right of the doorway will have a small desk and a huge inspiration board!

This wall faces South and will have her bed between the windows...

I've had this headboard tucked away for almost two years now....

I found it at a flea market for $15!!!

I still need to spray it white, but for $15, I will get friendly with the spray gun.

We've had many discussions about colors for her room.
She is pretty consistent with wanting a light teal and possibly some purple, but she quite literally stated the other day, "I don't really want a color scheme, Mom. I just wanna kinda do every color and have it be fun. You know?"

I know.

I'm thinking her wall color is white and her ceiling will be light teal.
Icy Blue. To be exact.

Here is what inspiration we have so far:

I'm hoping she will see some fabrics or ready-made drapes that inspire her for all those windows.
I've spied a few myself.

Image via Anthropologie

I'm still such a sucker for pom-poms!

These have glitter woven in them!

Image via RHteen

What girl doesn't love that?!?

Black tassels!

image via RHteen

I need these in EVERY room!!

We let her pick out her own light fixture for Christmas....the boheme from PBteen..

....just like her Momma!
We definitely got it on sale and with some reward money because otherwise, BAM!
Momma said knock you out.

I can't even wait to get this installed!!
Did I mention they are priming the walls this week and the floor is starting to go in on Saturday??
My brain will hardly accept the fact that this is actually FINALLY happening.
Maybe after painting all weekend and my "painters arm" returns it will all sink in.

So, now you know my current shopping list.
Lots of paint, piles of free wood, pain meds, extra pain meds, more paint, and more free wood.

If you feel like painting.....


  1. I cannot WAIT!! Your inspiration room is like my dream come true! And OF COURSE Miss Boo picked a beautiful chandelier. She's inherited some great taste. And, I love the "every color" decision. She's amazing.

  2. This room looks like so much fun...what a lucky girl!!

  3. This will be fun to see come together!

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