Thursday, January 28, 2016

And Then BOOM!!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, building a house isn't for wussies.
I'm kind of a big wussy.

Not that I haven't handled all the stress better than I initially thought I would, I'm just saying there are times that will require a strong, adult-like person to make rational decisions and be....

I NEED that's totally fine if we don't have toilets...right???


You can't trust me!
I'm not patient and I certainly do NOT do responsible things with house money, like buy toilets and smoke detectors. I buy pretty lights and ceiling medallions and clear drawer pulls that don't even have a drawer in which to pull.

So, what I'm saying is, it's pretty much a miracle that we have made it this far. 
Especially with a view like this for more than five months....

Those bare studs are the exact color of depression.

Those five months, or however long it was, was NOT a fun time for the Dames.
More specifically, not for Nick Dame.
Here's why:
Me: "Nick, where are the electricians?!?!?"...." Nick, when are they starting the damn siding?!?!?"......  "Nick, didn't you say the garage doors are coming this week??? "Nick, when can we get some $@#% drywall around here?!?"

Nick: "Who's Nick?....I'm not Nick....I gotta go now..."


Nick Dame has been "traveling" a lot.
Nick Dame is smart.

Might I suggest going on vacation or completely leaving the planet and becoming a part time martian for at least the first five months of the building process? If you're as patient as me, there really isn't any point in hanging around to see any progress because the progress will be minimal and whatever progress there is, will be very raw.
Like, raw wires and raw plumbing and random holes all over the place that will serve some unknown purpose.
That stuff isn't pretty.
Just disappear.  For at least a month.
Everyone will thank you.

Besides, time flies when you're completely distracted by the Mindy Project, white cheddar popcorn, and your favorite wine glass that magically refills itself.

And Morgan.
Everyone needs a Morgan.

And then you'll come back and it will be like, BOOM!

Drywall will be up!!

Drywall is everything.
Drywall saves lives.

Plus, after drywall, things start to move along very quickly!

I blinked once and then we had floors...

I blinked again and we had recessed lights installed.

Then, I went outside and there was stone on the front of our house....

It was a miracle!

I can't even believe how fast this place is shaping up!
Sometimes, I'm afraid it's all a dream and I'll wake up to the bare studs again.
Only happy thoughts...

Like dreaming of Bailey's room.

Oh what fun that will be!!

Stay tuned! The good stuff is coming fast!

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