Monday, October 5, 2015

With Love, 1996

1996 called and said it couldn't even...

The 90's basically thew up all over this bathroom.
I'm talking ivy and swags and bright, bright brass.
Our client couldn't wait to blow it up!

Even though it must have been completely awesome back in '96, we had to SMASH it!

There's nothing quite like a completely blank slate that you can do just about anything you want with.
Maybe not ANYTHING since there wasn't quite enough room for the massive unicorn statue, but close enough. Thankfully there is still an opportunity for unicorns in the main entry of the house.

The first thing I must say about this renovation is that it was fun, and basically stress free.
Yep. You read that right.
It was practically a dream and all because of our AMAZING contractor, Igor, and his peeps.
I considered kidnapping Igor and keeping him in my car so he is readily available at all times.
If only there weren't so many witnesses all the time!
 That may seem a little extreme, but have you experienced a renovation with a terrible contractor before???

In case you haven't, let me just tell you that most of them are only capable of telling you what you want to hear, quickly taking your money, and then disappearing on some extravagant and luxurious vacation until the entire project has been slowly and painfully completed by people you don't even know. And that, my dear readers, would be the best case scenario. So, trust me when I tell you that when you find a good contractor, you WILL contemplate abduction.

Enough of my ramblings!
Are you ready for the tour???

Did your eyeballs lock onto those door knobs?!?

These door knobs made us cry sweet tears of joy.
We thought we loved them when we saw them online......then they arrived and we wept.

Back to the tour!
The first stop to your left is the 103" long, custom, solid alder, vanity by our custom cabinet maker.

Did you know you can get a huge, custom-made, completely solid wood vanity, in whatever color you want, for less than $2,000???
Reason #749,465.4  it's a great idea to hire us for your remodel.
We get the hook-ups!

For this vanity, we wanted something sleek and modern with tons of storage and counter space.
We asked and our cabinet guy delivered!
There are outlets behind the drawers so that hair accessories and electronics can get charged and stashed away without dealing with cords.

What's that on the wall...??

A whole lot of herringbone!
When it comes to herringbone, there's no such thing as too much!

We think if you're going to make a statement you might as well go all the way.

Especially with light fixtures!!!

The lights and patterns that this baby casts on the walls are just insanely gorgeous......

The fixture, in case you are wondering, is the Diallo chandelier from Arteriors.
We were so excited to hear that our client loves it as much as we do!

Now this might blow your mind....the exact same spot as above used to look like THIS.....

Insane, right??
This is why I am so addicted to interior design.
You can completely change your world through your surroundings!

We wanted this space to be a relaxing oasis reminiscent of their best vacations.
Some photos of their favorite vacation spots inspired a serene color palette of  light blues, purples and whites. Like the subtle colors of a seashell or pearl.

The main tiles:

Pebble tiles for the area under the bathtub and 12" by 24" ceramic tiles for the main floor.
Do you see an abstract horizon in the large tile?
I knew this was the one the second I laid eyes on it!

We initially wanted to put the pebbles on the shower floor but my tile expert didn't like the lack of room for grout between so many of the tiles. It would have looked awesome, but when it comes to a questionable grout application, we like to take the less questionable and more dependable route.
I came up with a design for the shower floor using the 12 by 24" tiles that we already had and Igor was able to do this....

We are all thrilled with this last minute shower floor solution!
I love the areas where we could have the grain lines match up!

Remember when I said you can NEVER have too much herringbone????

How could we say no to a herringbone backdrop behind the shower heads???

OR behind the niche??

Igor hand cut and shaped each of those little tiles!

For the shower door, we opted for a height that would feel like one of those outdoor showers on the beach. It stops the water from splashing out of the shower without completely enclosing the space.
A win-win for the clients!

Our favorite part of a project is when we get to incorporate the little details and items that are special to the client. For this project, it was all about vacation photos, shells collected off the beach, and beautifully displayed essentials.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the little touches....

Makeup brushes are like adding feathers to your decor.
Another beautiful item that can be out and become a part of the decor instead of being stashed away.

Stay tuned for more details on this bathroom!

Do you have a horrifying renovation story to tell?
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