Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Renovation Isn't Complete.....

...until there is art on the walls!

And maybe a plank of wood or two.

For this project we had the pleasure of using several photographs taken by the client as well as incorporating the work of several local artists!  The photo above was taken on one of their vacations and now the memories are woven into the decor.

The walnut plank tray was made by the hubs out of a plank of wood that my fabulous assistant Megan  found at the Milwaukee Re-Store. It was such an amazing find! All we had to do was add in little stoppers to keep it from falling into the tub and some Teflon pads for easy gliding and scratch protection. The hubs is pretty genius with all that kind of stuff!

Among my favorite abstract artists is Helen Napier. 

 Helen Napier

The colors and the mood of the piece fit this project perfectly!

When we can support local artists, this girl is beyond happy!

Most people don't realize the significance in supporting local talent until they are the local talent wishing to be seen and appreciated. Next time you feel tempted to purchase a print at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, please consider looking at the talent around you and the difference you could make in an artists career. You can usually support a local photographer buy purchasing their prints for less than $20 and you could even get your hands on a beautiful, one of a kind painting for under $100. If you look, you won't believe what you'll find! The world is bigger and has more to offer you than what is on the shelves at Hobby Lobby.
Plus, I can't help but think that by exposing ourselves to more diverse creations and concepts of beauty, we might just help ourselves be more accepting of others and our own imperfect beauty.

The photo of the spotted orchid is by another favorite, Jan Marchuk.
Her close-up photographs of flowers are just stunning! 
I wish my photo was better to show you.

We're still waiting on one more piece to complete the wall arrangement....the other landscape image was another picture taken by the client while walking on this beautiful trail...

For more information on these local artists, please email me @

I am always telling my clients to bring their vacation home with them.
Pictures, souvenirs, trinkets, whatever you can grasp to hang onto the moments of being on vacation are the perfect moments to make part of your decor. 

Like seashells collected along the beach....

or jewelry purchased while on a fun day trip...

Anything that has a great memory attached to it is what should be part of your decor. 
In this sometimes ugly and absolutely cruel world, we need all the good stuff we can muster.

The hand bound journal you see on the stump is another special piece made by local artist, Lisa Bigalke. 
She hand makes the papers she uses for the covers and then binds each unique journal. I absolutely love incorporating her journals into our projects! You can see more of her work HERE. She has some really fun pieces for kids that make for great gifts! 

When we found this pretty ocean creation (we have no idea what it really is) among the clients shell collection.....

...we knew it was worthy of making an appearance on the walls... one of our favorite frames thanks to ArtWorks!

Last, but not least, don't forget a place to sit and dry off or a perch for applying lotion. 
If you have the space, a chair can make a space feel more inviting and that could equal spending more time in a space that you love!

You can also just sit and enjoy the view!

We hope you enjoyed seeing this bathroom renovation as much as we enjoyed being a part of it!

Next week you'll get to meet the latest members of the KDI crew!
Stay tuned!

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