Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thug Kitchen & A Giveaway!!

Have you seen this book??

I don't know about you, but I love when someone has the cajones to give it to you straight.
These thugs tell it like it is and they don't care whether or not it's "appropriate".
I like that.

I have parents that have always told me like it is. No pretty bows or sugar on top of the truth. I think I'm better for it. So, when the authors of Thug Kitchen told me to "stop buying roasted bell peppers in a jar like an asshole" I immediately trusted them. 
All the cursing somehow makes it more endearing. I couldn't put it down and I ended up buying two copies because the list of friends I know will love it is far too long not to.

 After reading the whole thing, yes you should READ this cookbook, not just look at the pretty pictures and giggle at the cuss words. There are a lot of tips on basic stuff that are stupid not to try.
Like, before you cook quinoa, rinse it, and oatmeal will always taste better if you toast it first.

Anyway, I realized that I would actually like to design a kitchen fit for a kick ass, no prissy-business, ninja in the kitchen, sort of thug.
I mean, for real.

Where is this person??!?

Originally, I had no idea who these Thug Cookbook people were, so here was my brain's description of them:

Dude is bald, wears thick green glasses, cool hats, and has tats all over. He's cool as Ffffff and knows some ish about food. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the stupid mother f'ers in the grocery store that fill their carts with pre-packaged ramen and diet milk shakes.

It's ok though.
He means well.

 He just wishes that everyone knew and cared about the fact that 45,131mg of sodium is a prescription for a sudden heart attack and diabetes. He wants people to eat better and take better care of themselves and it just so happens that he can serve up at least 20 kinds of ramen from scratch.
It's really a tough-love sorta thing.

As for his wife, she actually has more tattoos than he does. Other gals stare at her with their mouths all agape and say nasty things about her, mostly because they are jealous of her dreamy bourbon-black hair and bright blue eyes, but they have no clue how ninja she is.

Character study complete.

We're not gonna talk about how wrong I was:

Aren't they the most ADORABLE thugs ever!!??!

Since I really took the time to read the book and can personally guarantee you that there are some damn good recipes in there, I wanted to do a giveaway.

So, if the Thug Kitchen interests you and you think you might need a swift kick in the pan, leave me a comment and make sure you are a follower. Liking my FB page, Kelle Dame Interiors, will get you another entry.

I will randomly pick one lucky thug and send them my second copy with a little surprise.

Now for my thoughts on the perfect design for a thug kitchen:

First of all, it's pulled together and awesome with an edge of "I don't give a Ffff"
Because they don't.
Actual cool people don't care what they have to do in order to be cool like everyone else.
They just do what they do and everyone else is like, "dammmmmn."

 All the non-thugs are like, "Whaaaaat?? I don't get it.....all of the drawer pulls DON'T MATCH. Wait.....O.M.G. Did you hear about Sansa and Geoffrrrrrrrrey?!?"
Makes a thug want to cut a B.

Anyway, how can you tell when someone is a ninja in the kitchen just by looking at their setup??
Well, for starters, their kitchen DOES NOT look all perfect like this:

A thug CANNOT seriously cook in this kitchen.
In fact, anyone that is serious about food would not have the patience for this sort of minimalist, don't be touchin- nothin-uptight-pretentious-ass, kitchen.

Serious thugs that are advanced in the area of cookery are likely to have a makeshift pot rack right above their heads or within tattooed arms reach.

Like these:

Because thugs don't have time for opening cabinets and digging around for their damn pans.
They reach up and bam, son. It's there.

WHAT IF a British kitchen thug cannot deny their inner Martha??

I think something similar to this, but with a hint of this.... 

OR this:

Is what might happen.
A true food sorcerer has fresh herbs around cuz they ain't paying no $4 for those prissy little plastic packs with three little sprigs of wilted herbness.

They are resourceful.
A thug finds empty cans or mason jars, fills them up with dirt and plants their own damn herbs.
They might even steal some herbs from their neighbor's garden during the day like they don't cur.

Of course, the herbs will end up looking pretty bad ass.

Do you think real kitchen thugs put all of their utensils away, all neat-like, in a drawer?

Their utensils stand like soldiers on the front line:

Ready to take care of business.

What about cabinets?

Do you think a chief keeps all his dishes stashed away in the cabinets?

Cabinets are for wussies that are afraid of a little dust.
I am 85% wussy.

Dishes shouldn't  even have the chance to hang around long enough to gather any dust.
Besides, when a thug is ready to plate a meal, messing with cabinet doors and pull out trays requires more hands than Durga and that's just bananas.

See that chandelier....

Fancy thug.

I tried my first recipe from the Thug Kitchen book last Saturday and it was worth the 30 minutes of smart cookery. I tried the first breakfast recipe called Quinoa Oatmeal.
You see, I have issues with eating anything that isn't 98% carbs in the morning, so I wanted to try something with some substance that might keep my blood sugar in check until lunch.
The fiber and protein in quinoa and the steel cut oats is pretty substantial. I can verify that it will keep you going for a good 5-6 hours.

That is a miracle in my world.

Next on my list to try is the winter veggie stir fry.
I will let you all know how that goes!

You can check out more recipes and sign up for the thug newsletter here:

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