Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exterior Motives......

Remember how I was completely stuck on my exterior color selections???

Sometimes the answer is right at your feet....


That's Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams and it is eerily similar to the color of my new Chucks.
Total coincidence or a sign that I am sticking to my true style?

I'll take it as a sign.

Since our neighborhood has a requirement that all exteriors have a certain percentage of stone or brick, I have been going back and forth....and then back again over which to use. For a long time it was brick and then it was stone, and now I have finally decided on brick.

Actually, the budget kinda decided for me. The cost difference between brick and stone was a little too similar to the cost of my freestanding bathtub, so that made the decision a little clearer.

I found a brick called Silverfox with soft grays and hints of white and black:

I like how old it looks and I'm hoping that will translate to a more historic look.

Now, let's all take a second to celebrate the fact that I have a huge hole in the ground and some cement walls to call home.

We actually celebrated quite a few times.....I am probably still celebrating, which is why we need to go out for mojitos tonight.

I mean, it took about a year and 4 months to get to this point and when this whole thing started, I thought we would have been all moved in about four months ago. 
A notable difference, so it's kind of a big deal.

I can't even describe the relief that I have felt since then. 
For months and months and then more months we were in the most depressing, non-productive, and boring stage of planning and budgeting. Then, we got the boat load of money from the bank to start and had to wait for the weather to cooperate before we could start. 

Have you ever waited on the weather for something?
It's painful.
I checked the forecast 265,487,952 times per day.
It changed every single time.

FYI, builders, contractors, excavators, and inspectors all have the tendency to melt when it rains.
It's true.
So... we waited about three weeks for the weather to cooperate. 
Then, I may have gone a little crazy and started calling everyone a big bunch of (word that rhymes with wussies) because they were too afraid of a little rain to dig a hole.
It wasn't my most shiny moment.

Anyway, a day or so later, it was like "BAM!" There's a big hole in the ground! 

We have dirt mountains in our backyard!

As you can see, my husband couldn't resist climbing to the top.

To give you the lay of the land...

......that square that juts out in the front is our side-load garage and the square behind it to the left is my parents garage. That hole in the back wall of my parents garage is a double door for access to the workshop that will be underneath, as well as a place for storing my Dad's favorite lawn mower.
The rectangle on the far right is the future offices of Kelle Dame Interiors and the space between is where the front door, stairway and powder room will be located.

We are steadily moving forward and thankfully, the "dry" time of year has begun.
I think. 

We can't wait to see some framing and to walk through some studded walls!! 
You better believe I'm gonna kiss them!

Till next time!


  1. L>O>V>E that color. Such good taste!

  2. How exciting! We're looking at grays for our house too. It's not new though, just covering old siding and unattractive brick!

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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