Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Transcend Your Budget....

gerund or present participle: transcending
  1. be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division).
surpass (a person or an achievement).
surpass, exceed, beat, cap, tower above, outdo, outclass, outstrip, leave behind, outshine, eclipse, overshadow, throw into the shade, upstage, top...
When the reality of your budget for your new home, or remodel, comes crashing down on you......use it as an opportunity for transcendence. 
In other words, it's an opportunity to out-whit your budget!
When your builder or contractor tells you "No. That's not in your budget", make it your personal mission to Tim Gunn your way to what you want.
You may not end up with the exact thing you envisioned, and you may very well have to do most of the heavy lifting on your own, but when it comes to making your dreams a reality, you can't just let go that easily.

When it comes to the very large sum of money that you are indeed spending on your house, it's your moral  duty to challenge any "No" that comes your way.
Otherwise, why are you bothering with a custom home?
Why would you NOT try to get the most bang out of every single buck??
My best friend since 8th grade, Jessica Bailey, was the first to say to me,
"If you don't A-S-K, you don't G-E-T"
She was SO right!

Scenario 1:

What if your flooring install quote comes in over budget?
Did you A-S-K what the cash price would be?

What if the new cash price could include something fabulous like herringbone floors in a small area???

You would be pretty darn happy that you A-S-K'd!

Scenario 2:

What if you fell in love with a particular sink that costs over $600?!?
It's just so beautiful AND functional AND it comes with a cutting board!
Did you A-S-K to speak with a rep about blogging or posting a review for a discount?
 You could even submit some dialogue and a few pictures of the fabulous set up you would use for a YouTube video that will demonstrate and promote the crap right out of every feature hat smart and fabulous sink has to offer.

Don't forget to wear your long skirt, collared shirt, and pearls!!

images via Shabby Apple.

I NEED one of these skirts!
Expert tip: you can totally get away without shaving your legs for a few days with a skirt this long!
You didn't hear that from me!

 Scenario 3:

What if you absolutely died over an antique spider style chandelier at an antique store, but it was about $150 over your limit??

Did you A-S-K the dealer if they would give you their best price based on the fact that it probably needs a good cleaning, possibly new wiring, and it has been hanging around their booth for far too long??

 Antique store owners are always calling dealers for their best prices.
Why not have them do their job?!?
That's why they are there.
If they give you any lip, then they don't deserve your money.

Even if the dealer says no, or comes back with a price that is still a little too least you tried.

At the very least, you will have a comparable price if you see something similar somewhere else.
Then, you can use the new price you got as leverage when you say, "wellll, they had a very similar chandelier at such and such and they had it priced at $_____(insert whatever number works best for you).

Stack the deck in your favor.
No one else is going to do it for you!

Strong and determined, Florence Broadhurst

A good builder or contractor should want to make your dreams happen just as much as you do and should be motivated to pull some strings for you whenever there is an opportunity.
Too many of them forget that they actually WORK for YOU and YOUR best interest.
They get all caught up in their own bottom line, forgetting that a huge part of their own future depends upon YOUR happiness. A great builder/contractor realizes that when your dreams happen, theirs do too.

So go out there and A-S-K and see what you G-E-T!

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