Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Act Like A Lady....

I know I haven't mentioned a whole lot about the progress on the house lately...that's because there isn't much to report.

Well, I have had MUCH to report, but most of it was not blog appropriate.

This is how the whole building thing has gone so far:

After our builder ditched us last August, we had to wait FOREVER to gain the rights to our own home plans.
The very same plans we had already paid $5,000 for.
Then, we had to wait another 76 years for him to sign ONE piece of paper.
Of paper.

Once I turned 109 years old, he finally took care of signing the paper.

THEN, it took an additional 20 years to finish the plans and get bids back from builders.

Well, one builder was extremely efficient, thank you Parmentier Builders.
I obviously have a favorite.

A few builders even said they would bid on our house and seemed VERY excited to do so, and then they disappeared. So, rest assured that when you THINK that you have 5 or 6 builders lined up to bid, you probably only have 2.

THEN on my 129th birthday we found out that the home we thought we could afford, thanks to the first builder that disappeared, was $200,000 OVER our budget.



So that is where we are at.

After selling our house nearly 5 months ago, we are now scrambling to find a plan that fits the covenants of the neighborhood and also fits our budget so that we can start building this spring.

 If I don't lose my  #$%^@# mind before then!

Speaking of cursing like a sailor....

....sounds like a plan to me!

I can already see how I would decorate my boat....

and my boat bath....

and how I would wear my sailor shoes....

....and wear sailor knots...

.....all the time!

I can totally do this living on a boat and cursing like a sailor thing!

Until next time....

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  1. Seriously though, I can't wait to have a state room on your boat. ;)


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