Monday, November 17, 2014

Feature: Small Space Decorating Magazine!!!

We are so excited to share our 10 page spread in Small Space Decorating!!

The magazine is chalk full of beautiful spaces and brilliant ideas!
If you're like me and have a crack-like addiction to high-gloss pages filled with smart interiors, you might want to get a copy!

Here is a peak of our feature...

We have been waiting to share this feature that was photographed by Anne and Gary of
Gridley & Graves since August of 2013!

Let me summarize what prepping for a photo shoot is like:
Throw all that crap in the closet!! Put your underwear away! People don't want to see that!! Were you raised in a freaking barn?!?!"

I went a wee bit crazy with cleaning and styling.
Wee. bit.
Only to find out that Anne and Gary mean SERIOUS business and they do all the styling themselves.
If I knew that, I would have slept for more than 54 minutes the night before!
Especially since they did a WAY BETTER job than me!
Despite my lack of sleep and running on pure adrenaline for a week, it was such a fun experience.
Watching pros work with their kick-ass equipment is pretty awesome.

I loved sitting back and eating baked goods while they worked their magic!

See that little pic of Bailey's closet???

IF a photo shoot ever happens at your house, don't think for a second that you're gonna hide all your clutter in the closet where they won't see it, because they WILL.
There are NO secrets.
 If there is a possible photo op in the closet, they will clean it out, rearrange it, make it pretty again, and then take photos of it.
As well they should.
It's why they are Gridley +Graves.

My Audrey room.....I miss it so :(

I miss styling those shelves for the different seasons....

...and cooking in my little white kitchen.

I'm not crying. I just have allergies.

I hope you can enjoy your own copy of this glossy, magazine version of crack. that Anne and Gary so expertly and artfully created!!

to Small Space Decorating for featuring our home!


  1. Congrats! Love Gridley + Graves... they truely are the best! Adorable house, we will be definitely be stopping to pick up a copy!

  2. This is just so it all! I have to get my hands on a copy!

  3. SO AWESOME!!! Everything looks beautiful!!


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