Monday, October 6, 2014

Vintage Inspired Accessories....

....a beautiful bath does make!

Can you see it?? 

The clutch may inspire the wall color. I always try to go a little lighter than the inspiration item:
 Valspar Sweet Leaf 7005-19

The sparkles are the lighting and pretty little accessories on display, which should be clean and not too over the top...maybe even with an Art Deco feel...I mean, we do have to think about the fabulous flappers embroidered on the towel!

This smoke crystal color is even reminding me of the tortoise shell in the necklace...

A very clean lined, elegant, but approachable vanity.
The Odeon perhaps?

with this tile for the floor...

How about instead of a towel bar or ring.......maybe some fabulous brass hands??

When it comes to the hardware finishes throughout a home most people are match-y match-y because they think they have to be.

You don't.

Why should a girl have to decide between two fabulous things??

Have both.

So, how can I add some real or faux tortoise shell as seen in the necklace in a functional way for a bathroom?? 

Boxes can hold tissues, q-tips, cotton balls, you name it!

Such a fashionable classic and therefore it should be incorporated into all decor. 
Like, always!

Another way is leaving out some fabulous tortoise shell brushes...

Lemme get my hands on some of those!

You can easily get your hands on some really pretty, vintage or antique Tortoise boxes at 1st dibs.....I would suggest a good looking faux to save a few dollars, or if you MUST have the real thing, try local antique shops that are having sales. Otherwise, be prepared to make an investment in an heirloom accessory.

Speaking of heirloom accessories....I am VERY OBSESSED with acrylic purses from the 60's....

I have my eye on this one at an antique shop and I can't stop thinking about it... costs $290!! 
It is in pristine condition.
It is probably better for me to leave it at the antique store and let it live with someone who doesn't have a horrible track record of ruining perfectly kept vintage items within five minutes of ownership.

Besides, I have two already that I didn't spend that much on ...

...this one sits in my office and holds jelly beans.

The other one was in the guest bedroom before we sold our house...

...I really miss having my own house :(

Putting together inspiration boards is how I am getting through this freaking Goundhogs Day, getting no where fast, very irritating, patience consuming, time.

Did I tell you that we have to take our old builder to court in order to get our money back?
We also have to start over on our home plans because we are being denied access to them.
The worst part is that I shared my favorite baked goods, from Linnea Bakery with the guy. 

Like he was family. 
Then he betrayed me. 
I don't take the sharing of Linnea Bakery goods lightly. 
I am tempted to put that in the complaint as a matter of principle. 

So, the moral of this little blog story today is:
1. Our decor should probably look like our favorite accessories that we wear and use all the time. It's one of the only ways to be sure that our decor matches our true sense of style. Also, if we use our favorite accessories as part of our decor then we aren't spending money on both. 
If that isn't good justification to go accessory shopping then I don't know what is!


2. We shouldn't just share our favorite baked goods with people all willy nilly. 
That stuff has to be earned.
I'm not tossing around Kanelbulle like they are stupid box-made pancake frisbees anymore! 
nuh. uh.

Now I am certainly NOT on my way to the antique mall to see if that purse is still there.

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  1. That builder infuriates me. Love where you get your inspiration.


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