Monday, October 27, 2014

The Parlor

 I was at J.Crew last week and saw this necklace ....

...and then, all of THIS...

...happened in my head.

Just like that.

Parlor design = done.

The gray color of the large rectangle jewels on the bottom are the wall color. The amethyst and blush pink round stones are the accent colors for pillows, flowers, and artwork. The aged gold translates into the fixtures and hardware, or wherever a little bling is needed. The black tear drops are the accent pieces of furniture that help anchor the space. For example, a Duncan Phyfe pedestal table, or black, tufted ottomans with brass studs.

Do you see how dangerous a necklace can be? 
Nothing sparkly and vintage-like is safe.

Then, I was going about my day, taking care of a few things for a client at a local lamp shop, Le Esthers, and I spotted this...

.....a glass sunburst light fixture from the 1920's!
It also just happened to be a cool little piece of Kenosha history!

It was one of the original Art Deco light fixtures of the Manor House located on 3rd Avenue.

I SO want to go back in time and see this light fixture in action!
I can only imagine all the Art Deco glamour that went on inside this gorgeous estate.
I am so honored to have a piece of it to put in our new home.

I was thinking that instead of installing it in the ceiling that I would turn it into a sconce.

It would look kinda like this:

With an Edison Bulb sticking out of the center making it both feminine AND masculine.
And people say I ignore my husband when it comes to our home decor.


BUT he chooses his battles wisely :)

Next time you are out shopping, keep an eye out for inspiring accessories.
They might just be the perfect inspiration for your home decor.
I personally give you permission to ignore that silly thought about what your husband might think.
No one asked him anyway!

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