Monday, September 1, 2014

TOO MANY decisions.... the most common complaint about the home building process.

I get it.

That's why I'm just not going to make decisions that are not 100% necessary.

Like paint colors.

WHO made up the rule that you absolutely MUST pick all your paint colors when it's time to have the painter come in?????

I know it's easier for the painter to paint and probably less expensive when your stuff isn't in the space, but it's absolutely the DUMBEST time to pick paint colors.



Think about in the world are you supposed to pick the perfect colors BEFORE you even live somewhere?? 
BEFORE you even have the important pieces of furniture in place??
 and BEFORE you have spent ONE single day in your home?!? 
How can you even see a true color before you have experienced the lighting?
Before you even know how the light changes throughout the day??
The idea that you will pick perfect paint colors based on tiny swatches and a piece of a carpet sample is absurd. 

The rule SHOULD be that the painters come in when YOU are ready for them to come in.
Not when it is the easiest and least expensive.

it's YOUR money. YOU decide when to spend it on painting.
Whatever the cost of painting after the fact is, it's still way better than the cost of re-painting after you already paid. No one likes paying for things twice. No one likes an all beige or gray house either.

Plus, living with primer is not the worst thing in the world. 

Another stupid thing to pick right away is lighting.

I see too many homes with these...

NO Ceiling boobies!!!

I have seen my fair share of homes that are in the range of $500,000 up to at least a million, and seen booby lights everywhere. The only thing that irritates me more is when stupid parents let their kids go to school with lice.

Please DO NOT build a $500k home and have these lights installed because the builder said he can get you a pack of 2 for $22. I will make fun of you and I might not wait until you leave the room.

I would rather see this.....

or at least a start towards the fabulous things to come...

I especially dislike "builder packs" of assorted lighting.

I understand that the selection of every little material gets overwhelming and when it comes to the final piece...the cherry on top....the scrumptious dessert saved for last....people give up.

That is the DUMBEST time to give up. 

This is where most people, trusting their builder's advice, will overpay for some seriously mass produced ugly. Don't do it!

I know that I will ABSOLUTELY NOT be able to afford the type of lighting that I will want in the new house right away. I will also not be able to find the perfect lighting because I never find the perfect things when I am actually looking for them.

So, my plan is to invest in some ceiling medallions......they can cost as little as $10 or $ then plop a bulb in the center. Done.

These range from $45 to $80.....

....and they are the perfect foundation for the pendant or chandelier that I can't afford or find.

Lighting makes a huge statement and can be the most fun part of decorating your home, so don't skimp or rush your decision. Put in a bulb and call it a day.

And at the very least, if you're gonna put in a booby light, at least make it look like a real booby.

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