Tuesday, September 23, 2014

If I Can't Dig, I Can Dream....

....And that might not be so good...

The original plan was to break ground on our house this year.
I was hoping to start digging before my birthday in November so that I could spend my birthday stomping around in the mud and pouring champagne in my face. 
Not really, but it would have been a fantastic gift for myself and my future neighbors.

Thanks to all the drama with the builder, the fact that we STILL DO NOT have access to our home plans, and the tiny, practically irrelevant, fact that the ground freezes towards the end of November, none of the above mud stomping and champagne drinking will be happening anytime soon.

That means I have about 6 extra months to ponder, obsess, and plan.
NOT good.

For several reasons.

1. I will have more time to conjure up really expensive ideas.
Exhibit A:

How much do you think it will cost to collect enough silver spoons and sparkly crystals to make a huge spoondelier??

2. I will expect my husband to make these ideas a reality in his spare time. I mean, since we have all this extra time and all...why not?? 

First on his list is turning an old dresser into something like this:

OR this....

image via Courtney Blanton Interiors

Should be pretty easy...right?? 

3. I have NEVER been without my own home/canvas to work on since I started this fabulous career of mine, so I can only imagine the sort of internal combustion that will occur if I do not have a canvas of my own that is in the 3-d form. 
I am very thankful to have several canvases around town via my fabulous clients, but I am currently without a **client that loves pink as much as I do. 
**If you love the color pink you should probably call me cuz you might get a screaming deal!

p.s. My daughter's future bathroom is my current obsession....the above dresser turned bathroom vanity is for her bathroom, which will have a modern look with that "old time" feel.

It all started with this little hand towel.....

How CUTE is that??? $6 at an antique mall!! Score!

I'm thinking her bathroom will have floors like this:

From what builders are telling me these days, tiles like these are a "pain in the ass" type of tile.
I'm like, "Quit your whining! The kick-ass tilers from the 1920's weren't complaining and  
these "pain-in-the-ass-tiles" were EVERY-FREAKING-WHERE!"

Apparently the days of linoleum and 18" by 18" tiles spoiled everyone.

4. Speaking of being spoiled, living with my parents for an extra 6 months is likely to encourage my inner 16 year old to emerge. Over the past 3.5 months I have nearly lost the ability to do laundry and cook a proper meal for my family. What will another 12 months do??

Let's not forget:

5.  I am already losing my mind and we've just started this whole thing.

I mean, I just yelled at a hypothetical tile guy.

Looks like it's gonna be a long road my friends. 

I hope you'll stick with me as I overreact to the sometimes completely hypothetical bumps on this non-essential, clearly self inflicted, "stop all your spoiled pants whining", journey called, "building your own home".

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