Monday, September 8, 2014

Give Me the Acrylic Wash Stand and No One Gets Hurt!

When I figure out what I want and something isn't easily attainable, I become dangerous.

These acrylic wash stand legs have me on the prowl....

You can configure ANYTHING you want at Palmer Industries,

This is VERY DANGEROUS information to give a girl like me.

I have already located a dealer and prepared my husband that he will have to sell both of his kidneys and 500 quarts of plasma.

After almost having to buy me a puppy today, he is pretty ok with this arrangement.

Waterworks has a pretty reasonable model....

By reasonable, I mean that I didn't almost choke.

It's just so pretty!

I do love how you can customize what you want from Palmer Industries.
That means you could add a metal or glass shelf to the bottom for storage. 

Then, I would use a pretty boxes for at least a little bit of storage.

Like these...

...just big enough for emergency products.

Honestly, if it came down to it, I would totally screw the storage option if I couldn't afford it and just go for the pretty legs. 

Love makes you do stupid things.

Do these washstands make you want to sell your kidneys?


  1. GET THEM.
    PS - Let's go Kelle-Dreamhouse shopping out the wazoo when I see you!

  2. I hear yah! Girl!
    I'm with you on this bath or powder room piece.

    Love the design styles here.


  3. Hilarious post! I become posessed when I want something as well. These are lovely..hope there is no kidney selliing involved to obtain them!!


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