Monday, July 28, 2014

Inspired By Soap

Sometimes the inspiration for a space comes from a piece of fabric, an item of clothing, or even a bottle of hand soap.....

You all know how I am currently obsessed with the design of our new bathroom...of all rooms...well, yesterday while shopping at TJ Maxx I spotted this bottle of hand soap and it called my name.

Please note: I am NOT an expensive lotion and soap person.
I buy what gets the job done and that is that.
BUT on occasion the design of a product will entice me.

Alchemy not only has me hooked on their fragrances, but also on their product labels and designs.

I can design my entire bath around these soaps...

Chinoiserie anyone?

How about Puriste? 

This silly and regularly expensive bottle of soap magically made my bathroom design come together in my head.

This is what the hand soap did in my head.... made an explosion of light pink and Chinoiserie happen! 

I immediately envisioned very light pink walls....

Benjamin Moore Pink Peony


or Pink Pearl

Since this is for my bathroom not just any pink will do. The wall color that I pick MUST complement my skin tone.

The one on the bottle has just enough peach...

It also made me want some Chinoiserie fabric to happen.
Maybe something covered in Braemore's Emporer's Garden....

Or if I had a 9 bajillion dollars I could use Manuel Canovas's Pegoda.
Drapery panels perhaps?
I only need $3000 to make that happen....Jeesh!

or I could just do light pink or white fabric with a trim.....

and save the printed fabric for a chair....

While on my Chinoiserie search I came across some fabulous things....

paintings by Ann Harwell that would fit right in...

you should check out the shop: Annechovie on etsy. 
I am certainly going to stockpile a few paintings for the new house!

Stopping over at Beth Connelly's Chinoiserie Chic is always a good idea when you're looking for some Chinoi!

She recently posted this image of Kirsten Kelli's work that was recently featured in Veranda.
Chinoiserie Chic never ceases to inspire....

I could easily stock up on prints from her shop, Pink Pagoda, as well.

How charming is this print, The Merchant's Wife???

Do you see the sort of madness that just one bottle of soap can create?? 

I really shouldn't be allowed out of my house.

Would you paint your bathroom pink??


  1. Nice interior decoration and interior furnishing.

  2. LOVE the way your mind works!!! I tried doing a pink bathroom once and couldn't get the shade right and gave I am really excited to see yours. Did you get my email about a new post project...might have gone into your spam?

  3. Love the pink front door! Sometimes the packaging is enough to reel me in on a product. That Alchemy soap is so pretty


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