Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't Forget The Closets! Or Should You??

I totally forgot about putting a closet in the entry!

The home plan that we are basing our plan on doesn't have a front entry closet and I didn't even notice until recently.


No closet to put some coats or shoes or even store the vacuum.
How did the planner miss that?? 
Are entry closets SO last year??

If they are, that might not be a trend that you want to follow.
We remedied our no hallway closet situation by cutting into the master closet, which is waaaaay too big.
The real plan now has one right by the front door.

Wait.....What girl says her closet is too big? 

The closet I have now, plus the closet my husband uses, is not even half the size of this one. I do not plan on increasing my wardrobe by 100% either. Excess isn't cool and I figure if I have the cash to buy that many new clothes, then i have the cash to put some clothes on a person that doesn't have any. 

Having more selections than 10 to 15 outfits just makes it more difficult for me to get dressed in the morning. IT also sucks the life right out of me and that isn't a good way to start my day. 

Have you ever noticed how some famous people seem to always be wearing the same outfit???

It's most likely because much of their day involves decision making and they don't want to waste an ounce of their decision making power on their own clothing. I get that. 

Here is a list of those most noteable for always dressing in the same way:

Steve Jobs
Carrie Donovan
Michael Kors
Grace Coddington
President Obama
Tom Wolf
Johnny Cash
Albert Einstein
Simon Cowell
Karl Lagerfeld

I figure if Carrie Donovan, Michael Kors, and Karl Lagerfeld can get away with always wearing the same things, then I can too.

Besides the fact that fewer selections means getting ready faster, it can also be crucial to creating your own brand. 

“Consistency of all kinds is what builds brands,” Schawbel says. “People who wear the same thing, have a catch phrase or two, and associate with the same people are more memorable than those who don’t. It says this is who I am and this is what I enjoy. I think it’s a rather positive thing that helps people identify with them and allows them to just be themselves.”
-Dan Schwabel

So when I am feeling too lazy to get dressed in something different I will just call it "brand building" and move along with the rest of my day.

Don't get me wrong..I do daydream about a fabulous closet! Just not a HUGE one!

A smaller version of Dallas Shaw's closet would be spectacular!!

or this closet by mlh design....

You know I am attracted to the black and white Deco look!

And this one with what appears to be a Caitlin Wilson Floral drives me CRAZY!!

Don't be surprsed when you hear about me living in my closet for a week while I make it look like this. 
Just slip some pizza under the door and I'll be fine.

So, when building your dream house, keep your eyes peeled for necessary closets and those that maybe aren't so necessary. 

I know that real estate experts will tell you that huge closets are a plus, but are huge closets really a plus to your everyday happiness? Not mine.

I have a feeling that my future teenage daughter is going to strongly disagree!

Next up is how to walk through a plan to see if it works for how you actually live.

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  1. I need to take a leaf out of your book and pare down my wardrobe – the only two (tiny) closets in my apartment together probably equal the square footage of your current entry closet. Right now, they're crammed with bridesmaid dresses, coats and too many clothes that I never wear (not to mention brooms, mops, steamers, irons, toilet paper, YOU NAME IT). Maybe I need to have you visit to help me pare down. ;)


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