Thursday, June 26, 2014

Closets & Kegerators

Two VERY important things. 

This whole home building process is bringing out a new side to my husband.

This new side REALLY cares about things like the location of our vacuum, having an abundance of cold beer and pickles, and the depth of the doors that will ultimately lead to the toilet. 

Who is this man?? 

If you have been following my blog over the years or just happen to know me, you are probably aware of the fact that when it comes to most things home related, I run the show. 
Not that I don't want him to, he just doesn't usually care.

He suddenly cares.
About kegerators.
and vacuums.

I'm not complaining.
I just think it's funny that all of a sudden he cares about really random things.

Please note the location of said kegerator in the garage.

A man should have a nice garage with a keg. 
Who am I to hold a man back??

Plus, I got my closet for coats in the front entry AND a closet in the office for supplies, so I guess we're even.

It is also important to note that for re-sale purposes, we have space behind the entry door to the office for a small closet, should we ever want to have this room considered a "bedroom".

Now that we have the most important elements of our home plan covered (closets and kegerators) we can move on to other really important things like, hidden doors and dumb waiters!

I half-seriously requested a dumbwaiter.
Mainly because I think they are cool, but also because my Dad might need to send up some of his delicious chicken marsala or my Mom might need to send up a huge rhino beetle or something to scare the bajeezees out of me and Bailey. Retired people do crazy things.

Anyway, I thought it was a big deal to ask for one, but my amazing builder just included it in the plan like it was another toilet or something. I wasn't going to argue.

Also, dumbwaiters totally bring back memories of watching Webster and eating chicken noodle soup.

I just hope that when our budget explodes that I won't have to let go of my dumbwaiter dreams!

We also shrunk our closet since I am easily overwhelmed with choices in the morning...

It's a much more reasonable size and it won't encourage me to shop til I drop.
Not that I won't, but I certainly don't need another excuse!

I also wanted saloon-like doors opening up to the toilet room.
The kind that squeek and swing back and forth.
Just kidding.

We actually asked for french doors. Possibly mirrored on the fronts, like these:

I fell a little silly having doors close off the toilet room because I know that they will remain open 98% of the time because my husband and I will be too lazy to shut them. 
So, if they are suddenly closed some night that I come home alone I WILL, 100% guaranteed, think there is a serial killer inside my toilet room.

Unlike most women, I will not run and grab a high heel shoe and barge through the doors thinking I am going to scare off an expert killer. I will, however, open my secret jar of fire ants and my box of poisonous snakes and let them loose under the doors.

Maybe I will have a fancy plaque made with an inscription to warn the hubs and the prospective killers.
I figure by the time the expert killer reads the inscription on the plaque, it will be too late. 
Who needs security systems anyway??

Now that we almost have the first floor plan finalized and the closets all situated, I can finally share some of my plans for each room and how I plan on making our new home feel like an old home, filled with character. 

Stay tuned! 

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