Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Been Booming Babies!

Who just ignores their blog and all of it's followers for MONTHS???


I'm a bad blogger. 

In my defense, lots of babies have been happening for my clients and their rooms needed to be as cute as they are, so lots and lots of CUTE has been happening!

Like this baby girl's room....

Kelle Dame Interiors

Pillows with Caitlin Wilson Textiles. 
Her fabrics are my drug of choice.

I hand painted the floral was A LOT of fun and I want to do more!

Rose wall

 This sweet melon dresser is a very special piece. It was the dresser that my client had in her room as a little girl and now her daughter will get to use it. Don't you just love furniture that has been passed down?

Same thing with the night stand. It got a fresh coat of white paint and some sweet mint drawers!

What girl doesn't love gold?? 


 The furry little chair used to look like this:

My client found this on one of her shopping trips. Doesn't she have a good eye?? 

 All of us forgot about the chair as we worked on the room. 
Then, at the last minute, a furry light bulb went on!

....and then my Mom got her hands on it and re-upholstered the back. She did an AMAZING job!

psst...did you know that you can shampoo and blow dry these hides? That little fact makes these furry hides very kid friendly.

She even has a little gold clutch!

I don't know about you but I'm a little jealous of the vintage collection this baby girl has going on. 

NEXT up is a gender neutral baby room with lots of gray, white, and yellow!

Here is a sneak peak....

Can't wait to show you more!

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