Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lots of Dots!

I didn't even know I had a theme going for our new bedroom design....
Apparently it's dots!

dots here:

and here...

dots  there:

and there..

dots everywhere! 

I think I have a thing for dots.

I even considered a dotty pattern for the walls. Like this:

p.s. I LOVE those zebras!

But now i am feeling more like this:

those octagon's in the center are technically "not-so-round dots"

Gotta keep my theme going!

The color palette is inspired by my favorite pieces of my wardrobe and the pieces that I wish were a part of this lovely jacket that caught my eye.....

Another important piece is this vintage makeup bag that my husband bought me many moons ago. We were at an antique mall looking around one afternoon and I said that I loved all the colors of the fabric and the next day he surprised me with it. Isn't he such a keeper?!? 

I think I have always been a Green kind of girl, usually the green is outnumbered by all the pink, but maybe this time, for our room, it won't be.

I have never dared to use it on a larger scale.

Like this:

or this:

I just can't decide!

Green headboard, green walls, black headboard, black and white walls, I just don't know yet!

I will keep you posted though!

Would you dare to go green?

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