Thursday, January 2, 2014

Everything New!!

I know you can have a fresh start any ol time, but it feels extra fresh at the beginning of a new year. 

Like it's EXTRA super fresh, like the first time you do a load of laundry with a new, fabulously scented, fabric softener. You know what I mean, right? 
That's the ONLY time it's actually exciting to do laundry too.

For some reason, I am actually excited for the New Year and the clean slate it presents.
I can't wait to get some much needed business in order and get some projects going! 

(that's right husband! This girl MADE A LIST!)

1. Get a brand spanking new website!

No more DIY!! 
This girl doesn't have time and sometimes, actually most times, we are better off focusing on what we do best. For me, that is NOT website design.

You'll see a fresh new look from Little Blue Deer!!

She has done some amazing sites for fellow designers. I can't wait to see what she does for mine! 

2. Open up a Shop!

I have been working with some really awesome local talent who can do stuff like this.....

.....that is...make handbound journals and sketchbooks out of basically anything that I want!

I love to collect pretty papers and little tidbits that come along with purchases or presents and then have something useful made out of the pieces of randomness. 

Some journals even come with a little present:

A little Kate Spade pencil that fits right on the cover! Isn't that special?!?

I have other little things that need to find a cool home...

.....golden plated railroad spikes anyone? They make a really cool paper weight!

There is so much more just sitting around my office. Not very many people wander up to my office so I have to get these things out there where everyone can see them. I see an Etsy shop in my future.

3. Make More of THIS Happen!!

having a house tour on Apartment Therapy was pretty exciting and it led to even more excitement!
 Like being contacted by Good Housekeeping Magazine!
Having a feature in the Show and Tell section was AMAZING! I will never forget the day that I realized MY issue had hit the stands! I spied the cover out of the corner of my eye at Target and ran over to it so fast I'll bet other shoppers thought my britches were on fire! I proceeded to buy 10 copies and somehow managed to finish my shopping without running around the store yelling "That's ME everyone!! That's MEEEEEE!" 
Would you have held it in?? 

I'm not sure how to top the excitement that was 2013, but I'm gonna try!


I have had an office for over a year now and my sign for the front window is still laying around my office somewhere! SHAME ON ME!! I'm gonna hang it up and put humongous lights around it!
Maybe not the latter, but it's not doing any good wherever it is!

5. Make More Beautiful Spaces Happen....Faster!

I'm hiring help! This isn't a one girl gig anymore!
I'm so happy to be able to say that I have enough business now to be able to share some responsibility.
I will probably start with an intern and see how that works out. I think the most exciting part of having design help is getting to see what someone elses brain will conjur up. I'm hoping to find someone passionate and infinitely inspired. 

6. Travel!!

Speaking on inspiration, nothing is more inspirational than getting out of your normal environment! I want to go explore and not just at the local flea this year! 

Where should I go?? 


Turns out lists can be my friend. The only immediate downside is not being able to make fun of the hubs for having 900 lists. Good thing he never slacks on his duty to give me things to make fun of!

What's on your list for 2014? 


  1. The commute from Chicago to Kenosha isn't too bad if you're interested in some help from these quarters :)

    Also, those journals are amazing. Those are the colors we used in our outdoor space at the old place (and probably will be at this one too).

  2. You are always welcome to come help me out Carolyn! :) I love your eye for design!
    The colors for your outdoor space sound amazing! I can't wait to see what you do in the new home! Congrats!


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