Monday, January 6, 2014

Colorful Inspiration For A Nursery!

I just got the Kate Spade, Things We Love book for Christmas and I haven't been able to keep my eyes out of it! I seriously lug it around everywhere I go! This is an espcially big deal because I just had gallbladder surgery and it kinda hurts to carry heavy stuff......yet I still do it...that just shows how much I love it....right??

If you're a Spade fan, you should get it. It's seriously beautiful and a fun read. Plus, it will look amazing on your coffee table, or around your neck, like I seem to be carrying it.....anyway, I have been dreaming up the decor for an extra little client, a baby girl who is due to make her grand entrance in March! She will most likely be named cool is that?? 

Back to my point, this book, combined with inspiration for little Freya's nursery has really tipped me over the girl-y edge! 

I am dying to see this floral... the backdrop for the crib! 

In my dream world the crib would be like this:

or this....

but we have a pretty cool antique crib to work with instead, and I'm pretty happy about that, I'm just a junky for contrast so my mind is always conjuring up images filled with black and white!

We also have some really cool vintage pieces that we are working with. A dresser and a nightstand to be exact. They are extra special because they were once in Freya's Mommie's room. 

They will probably be painted in colors like these:


and pinks and mints....

My inspiration pile...

and a fabulous chair that needs some love....

This girl's room is going to be a fun mix of bright colors, vintage treasures, and a lots of whimsy!

Now to get this girl-y party started! 

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