Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bits & Pieces

I posted about a vintage bathroom awhile back and wanted to share some pics on how it has come together.
At first, I was scared. Vintage can be tricky and it's very easy to end up with a very dated looking space if you're not careful.

I was working with a vintage wallpaper and vintage drapery panels...

We added a sheep skin rug adds a little hip to the vintage....

I also love the texture! It's not often you see a sheep skin in a bathroom!

For the vanity, we were working with those 1970's, flat panel cabinets. 
It looked an awful lot like this:

My client was not up for a total bathroom makeover so we had to get creative working with what we already had. We added some vintage bamboo frame moulding to the fronts and new hardware. 

The dark background makes the antique white appear to be more crisp, while adding a cool element of contrast. An update that cost much less than ripping it out....under $300...and you know what happens when you rip out an old vanity......a simple bath remodel snowballs into an entire bath overhaul and thousands of dollars end up being spent! So, when you're not looking to overhaul and spend your life savings, you work with what you've got!

As for accessories, so far we have a frame with nice clean lines that just happened to go with the vintage wallpaper....

as well as a few more vintage pieces that I will share later once it's all together. We're also working on an update to some typical folding doors that hide the laundry area. Another thing that certain set-ups and predicaments may get in the way of a simple change out. It's not always quick and easy to replace outswinging doors in tight areas, so sometimes it's better to just stick with what you have and figure out how to make it look better. Coming soon! I'm in the process of the makeover at this very moment!

Speaking of makeovers....KDI is getting a new website!

Shari at Little Blue Deer has been working very hard and dealing very patiently with a certain indecisive, design diva! 

I won't name any names....but she's even driving herself crazy!! 

Ok, ok!! 
That design diva is me. I admit it. I need help!

I just love so many different things!

We tried this sketch-y look with some of my little illustrations:

Just for fun and whimsy, but with everything going on, it just looked a little crazy. They may find their way onto the site in some way, but just not sure yet. 

Something that did make it was my silhouette. I thought it was appropriate since I am always doing silhouettes for clients and have never done one of myself! Crazy huh?

So that 's me....except I hear that my nose is slightly more pointy. Thanks Dad!

So, those are little bits and pieces of what's been going on my world. 

There is so much more I want to share but can't just yet! Stay tuned!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!


  1. Hey friend! Love the updates you made to the bathroom so far. Such a good idea to add the moulding to the cabinets. They made a huge difference.

  2. LOVE the wallpaper. Can't wait to see your new design.


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