Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Kent Coffey Piece!

I have had my eyes peeled since my first Kent Coffey discovery a couple years ago. 

You may remember the post about me finding the nightstands and only purchasing one and then KICKING myself for not purchasing both! I still get a little upset about that!
(you can read about that HERE)

Anyway, I found it's bigger sister!

It did look like this:

I'm still in love with the Spanish inspired trellis detail.

Apparently, Mr. Coffey was inspired by the tiles and architecture on one of his trips to Spain and he came back and created this line. Most people think it's Moroccan. I just let them think it is.

I was inspired by this color palette:

Grays, beiges, and creamy whites. 

And the subtle colors in mother-of-pearl...

Accessorized with my beauty queen of course. 

print by Amy Misurelli Sorenson. One of my favorite local artists!

I painted the inside of the drawers a light pink:

I am still considering a little silver detail to the hardware and possibly changing out the knobs for mercury glass...

or mother of pearl....

In my dreams, the little flower cutouts would be inlaid with mother of pearl, like this.....

One day I will have a piece like this...one day..until then I'll settle for some similar hardware.

AND someone better hold me back from purchasing one of these furniture stencils! There won't be any turning back!

Have you seen a Kent Coffey piece recently? 

Have a fabulous week! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's A Sign!!

For my office!

I put a bird on it.

It didn't really feel official until my sign was hung up.
Now it's definitely official...and I mean business people!

My favorite part....the shiny frame!

Don't you love it's white, shiny, awesomeness?? It reminds me of capiz shells and pearls.
Thank you ArtWorks!!

In order to save some dollars, I actually projected my logo onto the wall and traced it and then painted it on top of the glass. It was actually pretty easy. Just about any acrylic paint will work and if you don't like it, you can just scrape it off!

Office Details:
Lamp: Target Threshold, Is the Threshold line not the most awesome thing Target has ever done?? I could live in the Threshold aisle! The commercials are pretty mesmerizing too.

I had my eye on this table.....

for about 5 years....ok maybe 5 days, but that is practically 5 years in Kelle land.
I want it to have a sassy saying on the top....

...like these Kate Spade tables. 
Mine would probably say "HA! Caught you!" because they would only see it if they picked up my books to snoop.

I am cringing a little because there are not white tulips in that vase. This table just calls for white tulips. Maybe instead of buying green hydrangeas and CHOCOLATES today, I should have spent the extra money on white tulips! You live and learn. Sometimes.

In other news, I am on a mad search for a boxwood topiary that does not cost a million dollars! If you see one somewhere that is about yay big (10") by yay high (21"), and about $50....send me a message!

What would your table say?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mission Mint....

Feeling inspired by mint lately. Not quite sure where I will put some....


or sofa? I love this subtle mint pattern!



Some pretty little knobs...

On a deer?

he looks a little angry. Maybe mint isn't his color.

How about on some furniture?

Or just to wear....

Expect to see something minty soon!