Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red + White =

My favorite color.


AND Lots of it! 

My "brand" wall in my office is painted and ready for my KDI sign. The color: Panama Rose 38A-6 from Menards.  

The same color is on the interior of the Campaign Chest.....

I love opening a cabinet or pulling open a drawer and finding a colorful surprise!!

This gray and pink campaign chest was found just for me by my girl Tori @ Embellished Heart
I'm so happy that she knows me well enough to know when she has stumbled upon a Kelle piece!

I even love the hardware.....

...WHO doesn't love some aged brass nipple tassels?? 
That's right. I said it.

The gray color is a custom color mixed up by Tori. The gray I needed had to have the right amount of brown in it, which isn't so easy, but we figured it out by using one of Tori's shirts for our color inspiration. Gotta love color matching technology! 

I also added a few more of my favorite things to my office. You won't be surprised to see that they all have pink in them. Like, this Kate Spade postcard for example.....

(She is quick, and curious, and playful, and strong) Kate Spade

It came with one of my purchases, which have been very few, so when that glorious Kate Spade box arrives at my door, I savor each and every moment of it!!

No joke. I even take pictures...

Mainly for the documentation of their fabulous packaging and merchandising skills.Notice how the tissue paper is folded with about 1/6 of another design peaking through?? It's all in the details people! 
They always throw in a free gift too! It's how they keep you coming back for more, and it works!

I still have the tissue paper, and yes, I would frame that too.

My Polish Princess is all framed up.....

( Polish Princess by Richard "Duke" Kruse

I LOVE her! 
She was one of my first "real art" purchases for myself and I honestly didn't know where I was going to put her for a long time.

Design Rule No. 1: When you see a painting or photo and you feel drawn to it, maybe even fall into deep thought because of it, you buy it. Always. Unless it costs more than your house. Then, maybe you should sleep on it or try pulling together a few investors...whatever...but if it IS relatively affordable, you make it happen, otherwise, it will turn into one of those nagging regrets and you will always be subconsciously looking for it, and it will haunt you! 

Would you want this Princess haunting you? I sure didn't. 
She had her finger all pointed in my face, like "You love me Kelle. You love my pink gloves. You will buy me. Do it. Now!"

So I did.


I will leave you with another new addition to KDI...just a peak though...

....Hope you are all having a fabulous week!! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Apartment Therapy?!?!?"......

......."uhhhh...MY house??"....."when?" ....."a FEW weeks???" ....
"uhhhh.....Yeah. Sure. Come on over. We'd love to have you!!" 

That's what I said. 

All cool. Like, "Yeah. I'm TOTALLY ready. I was BORN ready....pff...I got this."



Glance into the family room.....


"Niiiiick..... we have a little work to do."



Start design.





Get the flu.

Cry some more.

Nick: "Hunnnn, I don't know if...."

Me: "HUSH!! don't say it. DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT!!!!"










Stencil some more.




Sweep sawdust under the rug and apply heavy concealer to circles under the eyes.



"Come on in! It's so nice to meet you Carolyn!
"Oh, we've just been relaxin....ya know....having some coffee....enjoying our Saturday.... There's no stress at our place. Nope. None at all."

Wipe sweat.

And Vogue...

Enter House Tour!!

The family room I envisioned for over three years has finally arrived!!

our family room (via Carolyn Purnell of Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes, an awesome opportunity provides the necessary kick to your rear.

(our family room and the dapper Mr. Benny via Carolyn Purnell of Apartment Therapy)

I didn't even have a design plan for this room a month ago. I was still tossing around the idea of a gray and pink palette, and searching for the "right" pink. 

Then, I was looking around on Pinterest and saw these floral pillows....

......(from Whitlock and Co. on etsy.com...they still have some!)...and BANG!

Chinoiserie chic (pronounced  "Sheen-waz-er-ee") happened in my brain and it all came together! 
I LOVE it when that happens!! Much harder to make happen for myself than for a client. It's just how that works.

Anyway, this epiphany of mine led to a last minute purchase of some Windsor Smith fabric, Xu Garden in Veridian to be exact (via Lynn Chalk) and a desperate cry for help to my Mother. 

Awesome Mother + Fabric sent by 2day air = Pillows in a jiffy!

Now for the bookcases....

White milk glass accessories, another little obsession of mine!  

I found this Chinoiserie bowl at the Gurnee Antique Mall during one of my weekly wanderings and the white urns are from Embellished Heart.

I refuse to decorate with a bunch of meaningless stuff......it's a design rule of mine. I don't care if owls or birds are the latest thing, it sounds really snobby, I know, but this rule always leads to rooms with real depth and real character and will most likely last a real lifetime, so I'm stickin' with it! All my books, either I, or the hubs have read. All the magazines, poured over. All of the little accessories, inherited or bought with a specific memory or story attached. Even the moss balls. Seriously. My friend Jess and I stayed up until 1 am making our own moss balls for my daughter's birthday party last year. WHO does that?? WE do. 

As for the trellis design in the backs of the bookcases, I had the trellis stencil (Cutting Edge Stencils from etsy.com) from both my living room project and  my office project, (can you tell I love me some trellis??), I just changed the background color to Courtyard SW 6440 by Sherwin Williams. Then, after some digging around in the basement for books and other accessories, I realized that my Great Grandmother's clock and Depression Glass pieces were eerily perfect! 

And then, I realized that these sketches that I had been meaning to frame for some time, were also perfect. Crazy?!? AND the perfect frame came to mind immediately......bamboo!! Don't ask me how long I contemplated different  frames for these things a few weeks prior.

AND you know I was going to try to balance out the design of the bookshelves with something similar in visual weight, soooooo this basket weave stencil somehow ended up in my storenvy shopping cart with express shipping....don't know how that happened....but I'm SO GLAD it did!

The artist of these fabulous contour drawings is unknown, but much appreciated! They are actually drawn on the backs of various Korean snack boxes....who would've guessed?? Makes them even more awesome in my book. I'm guessing this artist would be surprised to find out that their work has been framed, blogged about, and featured on Apartment Therapy.

Bamboo frames and beautiful 8ply mats provided by ArtWorks.

I say that some things came together rather eerily because it was a little like I was planning this room for a long time subconsciously. I had several images saved in my "family room" folder from a couple years ago that I had totally forgotten about.....those floral pillows, the basket weave stencil, and various images of Depression glass .....creeeepy! 

And then I randomly ventured out to an estate sale a month or so ago and fell in love with these lamp shades.....

......and they had to come home with me, even though I had no idea where I was going to use them.
Shopping Nay-Sayer's, please note: Some random purchases DO end up playing a very important role!

The floor lamps are from Target. They were high-gloss white and I painted them black with chalk board paint. That stuff has come in handy on so many occasions!

I can't forget the Chinoiserie faux bamboo tray table by Baker...another completely random purchase from Leggy Bird Designs in Libertyville, IL, which almost got me into a LOAD of trouble with the hubs.....until it was COMPLETELY PERFECT!! Take that!

That about wraps up the new family room, but you can see more pics from our house tour HERE!

I will share more updates that have happened around the house next week! Stay tuned cuz you wouldn't want to miss a doily/gold leafing/pendant light project now would you?? 

Thanks for stopping by!!