Monday, November 11, 2013

Statement Chairs

Did you know that One Kings Lane has a home decor resource center???? 

They weren't kidding, there REALLY is something new to love everyday!

You can learn all about the history of chairs from Ancient civilizations to Modern American Design. There are even neat illustrations for examples of each one with a detailed history. It's a pretty awesome resource and is especially useful if you forget the names of certain styles like I do all the time. 

What?? Like you memorized the names for each style from each period?? pfft. You need a new hobby.

Anyway, if you're like me, you have a DANGEROUS weakness for statement chairs!

I think you know immediately when one belongs to you.

I knew this chair was mine as soon as I set my eyes on it!

Kelle Dame Interiors

I wasn't really looking for a chair. Was I?? Maybe I am always looking for chairs.....kind of like how I am always looking for coffee and chocolate. It's just in my DNA. Anyway, I walked into the Leggy Bird, one of my FAVORITE shops in Libertyville Illinois, and there she was! 

I said, "That's MY chair!" and in my car she went!


Sleek tubular chrome.

kelle dame\\

Irresistible fuzz!!

I'm pretty sure she is considered a "tubular chrome, American mid-century modern" chair.

She has made several blog appearances already and has spent some time at my studio. Unlike everything else, she was NOT FOR SALE, because I am well aware that there isn't a single person willing to pay the 8 billion dollars it would take for me to let her go!

She was also in our home tour on Apartment Therapy (click if HERE you wanna see)

kelle dame

I think statement chairs can be key to a fun and personality filled room design. Since they are usually accent pieces, they don't carry the burden of having to be can also give you magical powers.

This chair:

can possibly turn you into an evil queen of a place like Storybrooke. 

This chair:

can turn you into a fabulous, statement chair junky or a famous Interior Designer (eg Tiffany Brooks)

kelle dame

This is ANOTHER chair that had to come home with me from Leggy Bird. I mean, it's pink, and petite, and fabulous, how would it NOT come home with me?? 

An interesting tid bit about this "Duchesse" chair is that you can see the HGTV star winner, Tiffany Brooks, sitting in it's twin sister on her website!! HERE! For realz! Tiffany is from Antioch, Illinois and naturally her photographer is in the area as well. Turns out her photographer and I have VERY SIMILAR taste. She bought my chair's twin for her studio and Ms. Tiffany Brooks has practically made it famous! 

What's your statement chair? Check out the new resource center and find out it's story!

Do you believe in the power of chairs?? 


Please do...don't be shy now! I love to hear your thoughts.