Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage. It Can Be Scary...

I was NOT all "Vintage!!" "yay!!"  when I first saw the bathroom that I am currently working on.

There are no photos for me to share. Not because it is a horrible bathroom or anything, it really isn't, believe me, I have seen BAD, it's just working with vintage wallpaper and patterns can be more challenging than starting with a clean and fresh palette. It's hard to describe, but the process just takes longer for me and then all of a sudden different elements will start clicking together like they were always meant to be..

Like these vintage drapery panels..... 

.....that were obviously meant to be paired with the wallpaper.

And what was once a plain, outdated wooden vanity with zero feminine qualities, is now a glossy bamboo, sassy kind of cat! 

We got our hands on some vintage bamboo frame stock (ArtWorks!) and I had the hubs rip it down a bit and nail it to the front edges of the existing drawer and cabinet fronts. The original vanity base was painted a bronze-y brown to add a bit of fresh contrast for such a vintage-y palette. And a little leopard never hurts!

I will have more photos of this vintage gem a little later which will include what I've been up to with this pretty little Victorian Screen door...

Think Pink!

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