Monday, October 14, 2013

Rustic Lux

I can't get enough of it! Are you feeling it too?? 

I have a feeling that my office and home are not going to escape this new obsession. 

It started with the Elkhorn flea market a few weeks ago. My mind was blown by certain pieces and how they could be transformed with a huge dose of elegance and sparkle.

There is nothing more exciting and beautiful than a stark contrast between rustic, natural, elements and those that are refined and sparkly! 

Or those finished with velvety fabrics....

Receiving the new Anthroplogie catalog didn't help! 

How fun is that doe? 

and the illusion side table..needs to be under the tree come Christmas time!

And this beauty...

the intaglio dresser is feeling lonely without me.

Two of these mixed with some antlers? 

And antlers by themselves are elegant too. 

Here's what I'm working with to create my own Rustic Lux:

Image via Kelle Dame Interiors

This Kent Coffey night stand that I re-painted and gilded with Amy Howard products. 
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this paint??
The color is Selznick Gray and I'm thinking of painting the interiors of the drawers in Palmer Pink. 
I mean, why not?? 

The gilding took a few hours but was completely worth it!

Image via Kelle Dame Interiors

I think I have more on the lux side than the rustic side....I have to work on that!

Image via Kelle Dame Interiors

Vintage Lucite purse from Leggy Bird Designs, turned candy dish. 
At the flea market I saw a woman carrying one of these. For real. I immediately named her Miss Awesome Pants. 

For some rustic touches I would like some birch:


And a stump or two:

Some sort of fur is a MUST!

Love this combo from Casa Sugar:

Rudolph?!?!? Is that you??


Acrylic drapery rods! I really want one for my drapery samples in my office/show room.
I fear it will be one of those things I NEVER hear the end, "HOW much did this practically invisible drapery rod cost???"  "I have some air that I would like to sell's me!"
See what I mean? 

So that means that "acrylic fabricator" is now on my list of things to become. Along with "welder", "furniture maker", and "lighting restorer". I have so many things to learn!

This Rustic Lux look translates to a Winter-y Wonderland come Christmas time!

Are you itching for some rustic lux??


  1. Just discovered your blog - I'm Hooked! Can't wait to start on my black dresser with some graphic design! Your style is different from anything I have seen - so creative! :)


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