Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I LOVE what I do AND....

.....my clients are the BEST!

When people around me talk about retiring and "doing what they always wanted to" I'm like, "what?? RETIRE?? I can't RETIRE!! What on earth would I do with myself?!?!?" 
"Clean my house??? Pffft...that's what dirt colored carpeting is for!"

I kid.

I guess when you can't even imagine yourself doing anything else, you know that you are doing what you should be. If I suddenly stopped in order to "retire", I would still find myself working on people's homes.

I would probably start stalking people at Target (because that is where I live) and beg them to take me home with them so that I could help them decorate. Is this when you know you are doing what you're supposed to OR when you know you have a problem?? Lines get blurry sometimes.

Anyway, I love how when I go to a client's house, I feel like I am just going to hang out and talk about their decor. Rarely, am I stressed.  Unless there is an install happening or my client seems to have a cursed house, other than that, I am usually pretty excited to be coming over. 

Sometimes, I even get coffee, which may or may not lower my hourly rate or cause me to forget exactly how many hours to bill for.  In other words, a GREAT way to lower your designers bill is to offer coffee and treats. Just sayin'.

Another way is to offer your home up to the mercy of the local newspaper...........

These two amazing clients accepted the challenge...

I am so thankful to have my amazing clients. Especially when they start to feel like part of my extended business family! For them to welcome a photographer and speak so openly to the writer, was just an amazing, unexpected bonus. 

I will also say that the writer, Cythnia Jensen, did an amazing job with taking so much material and condensing it down without losing any of the good and important stuff! Plus, she is one nice lady and very easy to tell your whole life story to! Not that I did. I mean, I don't do that. Ever. 

So, now you know what an exciting and special week I had last week AND how I will not be retiring. 
I will be doing this until I'm the crazy old lady following people to their homes.

If you ask my husband why I won't be retiring, he might give you an answer like this "Well, it's not like she has planned sufficiently for her retirement...blah blah blah....401k....$45.....IRA.....blah blah blah"

Silly Husbands.

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