Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I LOVE what I do AND....

.....my clients are the BEST!

When people around me talk about retiring and "doing what they always wanted to" I'm like, "what?? RETIRE?? I can't RETIRE!! What on earth would I do with myself?!?!?" 
"Clean my house??? Pffft...that's what dirt colored carpeting is for!"

I kid.

I guess when you can't even imagine yourself doing anything else, you know that you are doing what you should be. If I suddenly stopped in order to "retire", I would still find myself working on people's homes.

I would probably start stalking people at Target (because that is where I live) and beg them to take me home with them so that I could help them decorate. Is this when you know you are doing what you're supposed to OR when you know you have a problem?? Lines get blurry sometimes.

Anyway, I love how when I go to a client's house, I feel like I am just going to hang out and talk about their decor. Rarely, am I stressed.  Unless there is an install happening or my client seems to have a cursed house, other than that, I am usually pretty excited to be coming over. 

Sometimes, I even get coffee, which may or may not lower my hourly rate or cause me to forget exactly how many hours to bill for.  In other words, a GREAT way to lower your designers bill is to offer coffee and treats. Just sayin'.

Another way is to offer your home up to the mercy of the local newspaper...........

These two amazing clients accepted the challenge...

I am so thankful to have my amazing clients. Especially when they start to feel like part of my extended business family! For them to welcome a photographer and speak so openly to the writer, was just an amazing, unexpected bonus. 

I will also say that the writer, Cythnia Jensen, did an amazing job with taking so much material and condensing it down without losing any of the good and important stuff! Plus, she is one nice lady and very easy to tell your whole life story to! Not that I did. I mean, I don't do that. Ever. 

So, now you know what an exciting and special week I had last week AND how I will not be retiring. 
I will be doing this until I'm the crazy old lady following people to their homes.

If you ask my husband why I won't be retiring, he might give you an answer like this "Well, it's not like she has planned sufficiently for her retirement...blah blah blah....401k....$45.....IRA.....blah blah blah"

Silly Husbands.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The BEST Part.....

......for me, when working on a project, is getting to introduce my clients to local artists, and when possible, incorporating a few pieces into their homes....

Kelle Dame Interiors
Photo Kelle Dame Interiors

For this bedroom, we picked out three gesture drawings from one of my favorite local artists, Rebecca Venn. She creates undeniably elegant nudes in several mediums. I have had the awesome pleasure of perusing her studio on several occasions, and each time I find at least five pieces that I want to take home with me!

It was no easy task to narrow my selection down to three this time!!
There are at least 20 sketch books filled with gesture drawings, detailed sketches, and even ink drawings. 

You can see more of her work HERE: www.rebeccavenn.com

Rebecca Venn

It's hard to capture these once the glass is in place, but I think you can see the elegance that I am referring to!

This one has a bit more movement in the lines:

Rebecca Venn

We had to be fair and include a male. Well, we didn't HAVE to, but I do encourage my clients to be considerate of the male in the household....ON OCCASION...ok!...I RARELY encourage the consideration of the male.....it's only because they tend to get in the way of  beautiful things happening! The nerve.

This one is thinking pretty hard about what he's gonna buy his wife for her birthday....

Rebecca Venn

I MAY have taken one home with me....

Rebecca Venn

....or two...

Rebecca Venn

I have one of these beauties all framed up and leaning on my dresser....

Kelle Dame Interiors

I am always so thankful when a client is open to discovering what the local artists have to offer! For this bedroom, I didn't just get to share one artist, but two!! 

I also had the pleasure of incorporating another favorite, Helen Napier.....

Kelle Dame Interiors

Kelle Dame Interiors

See it over there... on the right?? 
(excuse my poor photo...It's the best my little iphone could do!)

Kelle Dame Interiors

I will say, it was hard to let my Helen pieces go, but I'm glad they found a happy home! It didn't hurt to know that there are more where those came from! Keep them coming Helen!

Since the topic of "ART" comes up so frequently with clients, I have learned that it is a rather scary subject to most of them. I think the majority of the fear is based on the assumption that "real art" is really expensive and not easily accessible unless you spend your Friday and Saturday evenings attending art shows. I can completely understand this assumption, but I assure you, REAL ART can be very affordable, and is soooo much better than a mass produced print from Hobby Lobby! Sometimes they even cost the same or less! It really just takes a little extra time to see what's available in your community.

If you are interested in any of these pieces, or think you may want something similar, please feel free to send me an email. I promise not to force you into purchasing 100 sketches! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rustic Lux

I can't get enough of it! Are you feeling it too?? 

I have a feeling that my office and home are not going to escape this new obsession. 

It started with the Elkhorn flea market a few weeks ago. My mind was blown by certain pieces and how they could be transformed with a huge dose of elegance and sparkle.

There is nothing more exciting and beautiful than a stark contrast between rustic, natural, elements and those that are refined and sparkly! 

Or those finished with velvety fabrics....

Receiving the new Anthroplogie catalog didn't help! 

How fun is that doe? 

and the illusion side table..needs to be under the tree come Christmas time!

And this beauty...

the intaglio dresser is feeling lonely without me.

Two of these mixed with some antlers? 

And antlers by themselves are elegant too. 

Here's what I'm working with to create my own Rustic Lux:

Image via Kelle Dame Interiors

This Kent Coffey night stand that I re-painted and gilded with Amy Howard products. 
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this paint??
The color is Selznick Gray and I'm thinking of painting the interiors of the drawers in Palmer Pink. 
I mean, why not?? 

The gilding took a few hours but was completely worth it!

Image via Kelle Dame Interiors

I think I have more on the lux side than the rustic side....I have to work on that!

Image via Kelle Dame Interiors

Vintage Lucite purse from Leggy Bird Designs, turned candy dish. 
At the flea market I saw a woman carrying one of these. For real. I immediately named her Miss Awesome Pants. 

For some rustic touches I would like some birch:


And a stump or two:

Some sort of fur is a MUST!

Love this combo from Casa Sugar:

Rudolph?!?!? Is that you??


Acrylic drapery rods! I really want one for my drapery samples in my office/show room.
I fear it will be one of those things I NEVER hear the end of...like, "HOW much did this practically invisible drapery rod cost???"  "I have some air that I would like to sell you..it's fabulous...trust me!"
See what I mean? 

So that means that "acrylic fabricator" is now on my list of things to become. Along with "welder", "furniture maker", and "lighting restorer". I have so many things to learn!

This Rustic Lux look translates to a Winter-y Wonderland come Christmas time!

Are you itching for some rustic lux??

Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage. It Can Be Scary...

I was NOT all "Vintage!!" "yay!!"  when I first saw the bathroom that I am currently working on.

There are no photos for me to share. Not because it is a horrible bathroom or anything, it really isn't, believe me, I have seen BAD, it's just working with vintage wallpaper and patterns can be more challenging than starting with a clean and fresh palette. It's hard to describe, but the process just takes longer for me and then all of a sudden different elements will start clicking together like they were always meant to be..

Like these vintage drapery panels..... 

.....that were obviously meant to be paired with the wallpaper.

And what was once a plain, outdated wooden vanity with zero feminine qualities, is now a glossy bamboo, sassy kind of cat! 

We got our hands on some vintage bamboo frame stock (ArtWorks!) and I had the hubs rip it down a bit and nail it to the front edges of the existing drawer and cabinet fronts. The original vanity base was painted a bronze-y brown to add a bit of fresh contrast for such a vintage-y palette. And a little leopard never hurts!

I will have more photos of this vintage gem a little later which will include what I've been up to with this pretty little Victorian Screen door...

Think Pink!