Monday, July 22, 2013

Powder Room Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration just hits me at the most random times and because of the most random a bottle of face lotion.........

I know. I'm nuts. But notice the very light peach-y color of the pump?

That's what made all of this happen in my brain....

A subtle peach NEVER occurred to me until I was washing my face this morning and glanced up at the lotion, which happened to pick up on the peachiness of my capiz shell accessories, and tie in with the counter top...which may or may not be staying...

But it's important when you consider a color for ANY room to also consider how that color looks ON YOU. Seriously, if you think that you can't wear certain colors based on how they make you appear, it's the same for the paint on your walls. Every time you look in the mirror, there it will be, and most times right next to your face. Even worse, lighting can be tricky, and horrible lighting mixed with a bad paint color can make you go nuts over your complexion. Before you know it you'll be calling a dermatologist for no good reason.

 So, do yourself a favor and pick a color that compliments your skin.


And maybe the peachy color will make it's appearance via a pattern similar to the one on these walls........

Notice how the colors in the background compliment the skin of the model? She's all peach-y pink and adorable.

A campaign style vanity is also on my wish list.....

 (thank you House Beautiful July/August 2013)

....or some other campaign style details......

and I kinda want to mix the campaign style with a bit of shabby chic by adding some shabby chic light fixtures....

Without a shabby chic touch, it wouldn't feel like my space.

AND a new mirror is necessary...

but I am still looking for the perfect one!

So, that's what my brain did this morning and now I want to get started on the powder room.

Nothing is safe around me. Absolutely nothing.


  1. Such a fun mix of colors. I love the ideas you have in mind for the space. Can't wait to see them all come together.

  2. GIRL, you so smart! I love this post! I never thought to make my colors coordinate with my skin, but it seems like the most OBVIOUS thing to go on! SMART. I love you.

  3. This post made me laugh...and feel normal all at once! I have wacky inspirations and trains of thought too! I love the color peach right now for everything!


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