Thursday, May 30, 2013

Florence Broadhurst Inspired!

If you're like me, then you FAH-REAKED out over the Florence Broadhurst inspired collection from Kate Spade last year. Wait. Was that last year already?? Good grief!!!

That means I have been meaning to do something with this inspiration for THAT long!?! 

Time. It flies.

Anyway, my favorite of the collection was this Japanese inspired floral fan pattern.  

I REALLY wanted that dress that the dark haired model is wearing. If you happen to find one in a size 12 TELL A GIRL!!

Anyway, I put this inspiration away in my brain files and then one day........

(image via stencilboss)

......I saw this stencil on the stencil boss website and we lived happily ever after. 
The end. 
Just kidding! 

I bought it. 
Then it sat around for a long time and then I FINALLY did something with it!

Nothing bold and high contrast, as you might suspect I would do, 
I did something subtle....

Yes. I knew there was such a thing!

You can't see the whole thing yet because it isn't all finished, but I can tell you that it ties in with the watercolor inspired theme....

And the desk/vanity that I have been working on...

Which is getting close to being finished! can have a little peak...

See. Subtle.
It's a new thing for me. 

Please hurry up and ship these.....

...because I can't wait any longer!

Each delivery for the shop this week HAS NOT been these fabulous drawer pulls. 
I am very certain of this as I have had my face plastered to the door watching for deliveries all week!
This girl needs her drawer pulls.

You know what else this girl needs??

A lucite drapery rod. Preferably of the square shape.

Dear Hubs,
I know you have always wanted a lucite drapery rod. 
Happy Anniversary!
Love, Kelle

Seriously though, have you seen this etsy shop:

I will take one of everything!

I don't know who these people are, but they obviously want ALL of my money, and they know exactly how to get it!

I promise to share the rest soon, and  unfortunately for me, if I am unable to pull off the lucite drapery rod disguised as a fast car, I don't think the hubs is gonna make one a part of the final reveal. Dang. Who needs fast cars anyway?? Boys.

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  1. i love how you're always so full of inspiration!


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