Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Kent Coffey Piece!

I have had my eyes peeled since my first Kent Coffey discovery a couple years ago. 

You may remember the post about me finding the nightstands and only purchasing one and then KICKING myself for not purchasing both! I still get a little upset about that!
(you can read about that HERE)

Anyway, I found it's bigger sister!

It did look like this:

I'm still in love with the Spanish inspired trellis detail.

Apparently, Mr. Coffey was inspired by the tiles and architecture on one of his trips to Spain and he came back and created this line. Most people think it's Moroccan. I just let them think it is.

I was inspired by this color palette:

Grays, beiges, and creamy whites. 

And the subtle colors in mother-of-pearl...

Accessorized with my beauty queen of course. 

print by Amy Misurelli Sorenson. One of my favorite local artists!

I painted the inside of the drawers a light pink:

I am still considering a little silver detail to the hardware and possibly changing out the knobs for mercury glass...

or mother of pearl....

In my dreams, the little flower cutouts would be inlaid with mother of pearl, like this.....

One day I will have a piece like this...one day..until then I'll settle for some similar hardware.

AND someone better hold me back from purchasing one of these furniture stencils! There won't be any turning back!

Have you seen a Kent Coffey piece recently? 

Have a fabulous week! 


  1. Oh, it's gorgeous Kelle! The trellis detail is beautiful. I love the surprise pink on the inside of the drawers.

  2. Wow! It turned out gorgeous. The gray just sets off the details of the wood.

  3. Unique, beautiful, and tasteful! LOVE! What is the name of the colors you used to paint this piece?

    1. Thanks April!
      The colors are Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray SW7019 and the light pink is Charming Pink SW 6309. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. i LOVE it. i love the color palette!

  5. I sold a few Kent Coffey pieces when I found a Perspecta piece that I love. I didn't have room for the others. I kept it in its original state though and it sits in the living room. I love what you did with yours!

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