Monday, July 30, 2012

My Latest Obsession....

...this color!! 

I gave you the sneaky peak last week and now I am revealing the whole table and it's lovely color, Argyle Green, by Sherwin Williams, SW6747's like Kelly Green with a bit of a minty twist!

This sweet little lady is from Embellished Heart. Can you tell I love Tori and her little shop yet?? 
You just can't beat hand picking the piece of furniture you want and choosing your own color! It's so much fun!

Notice the little floral detail? 

AND you can pick an accent color for inside the drawers!! 

Open it up and BAM!! You get hit with some chartreuse! 

Sometimes I leave the drawer open just to let the chartreuse peak out. 
I know! My house is NOT a boutique! BUT I can pretend it is!

I pulled the color from my "old lady Margie" pillow. 
Sometimes people say stuff like this "Ewww!! Florals are soooo old lady!" 
Guess what? If you like floral fabrics, then you like floral fabrics. The end.
There is always a way to freshen up something that might otherwise be "old lady".

AND I always say that your decor MUST ALWAYS be true to YOU. So, if you have an old soul like me, then it is only appropriate to honor it. 

Why not freshen up an old floral with some color? Like the Argyle, or a hot pink? or a sassy print? or even a bold stripe? A great balance of old and new, fresh and aged, is always a good thing in my book.

Now for this bird....

She makes me laugh and she has a gold beak. When you find a bird with a gold beak, you buy it. 
Plus, for me, a room just isn't finished until you put a bird on it. (Portlandia fan?? No?)

She is also from Embellished Heart. Many years ago, she was used to dispense powder for one fabulous lady. Now, she could dispense glitter, or Parmesan cheese, the possibilities are almost endless!

If you live in the Kenosha area, or even Northern Illinois, and your home could use some custom painted pieces, or some beautiful little accents, Embellished Heart, is the place to go. If you stop by, tell Tori that Kelle sent you!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a great summer!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Sneaky Peak!

I can't even wait to share a couple new editions to the front living room!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peak....or two...

There is a little hint of a Kelly Green table peaking out behind the sofa, and a sassy leopard print sweater, turned pillow, next to the "old soul" floral, and a loud mouthed little birdie with a golden beak!!

Details of these new pieces coming soon!

P.S. Have you tried the new dark chocolate raspberry M&M's??? Maybe it's better if you don't!

Anyway, hang tight, there is so much more to come!! I need some natural day light for taking photos of the new additions! There are so many little details that can't be missed!

Happy Monday and be sure to check back in a few days!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Will Probably....

....die of a Kanelbullar overdose at Linnea Bakery....
.... it's a hip new Norwegian bakery that just opened in downtown Kenosha. 

As for my dying of an overdose, it probably sounds really morbid, but how can dying while eating Kanelbullars and being surrounded by cheery yellow walls and Swedish decor, be a bad thing?? 

Allow me to demonstrate.....

Kanelbullars: A delectable Swedish pastry that is a lot like a cinnamon roll, but better!

They are insanely DELICIOUS!! Do you see that pearled sugar on top??  Did you know they can have an Oooey gooey middle?!? 

If I don't die from the Kanelbullars, I will die because their decor is killing me!! 

NOTICE the antlers?!?! 

And how COOL are these birds and branches on the yellow walls?? 

(Animal lovers, these birds died from a broken heart. 
A life without delicious Kanelbullars can do that to a bird.)

This chandelier is not only the perfect little addition of sparkle, but it was also made in SWEDEN! How appropriate?!

How about some cool Nordic candelabras??

Cool AND meaningful antiques + a fresh and very "Swedish" shade of yellow = GENIUS!

What Swedish decor is complete without a hand painted Dala Horse?? 

I kinda want to sit on him. What?! I have a three year old!

Can you see why I'm in love?!? Do you see why I need larger pants?? Uff da!

If you aren't in the mood for sweets, there are also some authentic deli treats. I'm talking ham and Havarti sandwiches and light and delicious berry treats!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the owners, Mark and Kim, are extremely friendly and have an insatiable thirst for Norwegian culture. I love that they are sharing authentic recipes with us! I have already learned so much about my own Swedish heritage just from visiting. Who knew bakeries could be so educational? 

Soon to come, as if I can handle more, is their own special recipe Swedish coffee for sale by the pound. Wuh-oh!

This place is completely irresistible!! If you're a local or planning a trip to the area, it's a must! 

Check it out!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Grab A Cookie, Get a Wink!

There is a new addition to the kitchen....

Who knew that Bailey's made a limited edition cookie jar?!?!

Not me, which is why I'm glad my girl Tori at Embellished Heart knows what's up. She found a couple of these little guys and snatched them right up! I'm so happy that I got to take one home with me! 

He was just meant for my kitchen....

...and he adds another bow tie to my collection!

Thank you Tori!! I hope the other little guy finds a happy kitchen too!

Hope you all have a "cookie and a wink" kind of week!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Life!

A chair. A lamp. A purse. Anything. 

Anything can have significant sentimental value to a person. 

For me, those sentimental things, are the keys to making a client's space come to life.

Sometimes, those sentimental things need someone to love them up and help give them a brand new life so that they can sing with the choir, but also be ready for their solo....

The chair pictured above, has held a few generations of my client's family, and with that, it's worn a few different hats, and a few different fabrics, but it's still one fabulous chair! 

It deserves it's standing ovation! 

Wouldn't you say?!?

The transformation of this special family room and the pieces that make it sing, reminds me of a very appropriate quote:

"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed, never throw out anyone."
~Audrey Hepburn

I would like to add "and NEVER throw out a great, sentimental piece!!"

Some of the details of the room are: 

The chair and pillow fabric:

Robert Allen Izmir Ikat

We are all ecstatic with the results!! 

I love it when a plan comes together!! 

Other details of the plan....The rug.... The Tabitha rug from Ballard Designs. It had the perfect colors and is extremely soft! In fact, every surface of this room is extremely soft!

Even the painted furniture has a buttery soft feel! 

Hmmm....makes me think of napping. Just a common side effect of great design!

Sorry this pic is kind of dark....but you can see the taupe sofa has an extremely soft, velvet like fabric, and we are currently adding some throw pillows to cozy up with! 

You can also see that we pulled the blue/green color out of the rug and fabric to give a new life to one of my client's existing end tables. I love it when we don't have to buy all new, and can use what a client already has!

 My friends Tori and Norma, of Embellished Heart, took care of the painting for us, and if I may toot their horn, they did a mighty fine job!! The color, in case you are wondering, is SW6213 Halcyon Green from Sherwin-Williams. Although it says "green" it is very blue. Colors are weird aren't they! 
The wall color is SW7036 Accessible Beige.

There is so much more to come! Hang tight while we wrap this one up!