Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A French Inspired Dining Room.....

A new client needs some finishing touches for her dining room.

I am very happy to be pulling some fabrics and ideas together for her!

Our fabric choices:

For Drapes....

Robert Allen United Vines in color Linen....

P.Kaufmann's Clarice in color Dove..We will pull out some of the greens and blues from this fabric and incorporate them into the painted side chairs and buffet table......and possibly..... 

(Duralee 42189 in Pumice)

...throw in another print for fun!

Now, for some seat covers or throw pillows....

Duralee 42192 in Flintstone...

 Robert Allen Home Square

(Ivy Leaf trellis....can't remember real name)

We are very excited to get started! I can't wait to share more!

P.S. I have to share the coolest phone on the planet!

Let me explain....I DO NOT get excited about phones or anything technology related....EVER, but this phone is ridiculous!! It's exactly like an old rotary phone but with modern technology. It's cordless, touch dial, has an answering system, caller ID, and a touch screen! It even sounds like an old rotary phone! 

Let me demonstrate:

How fun is that?!? 

I couldn't just go buy any ol'phone after seeing this!

You can buy yourself one on the UK Amazon for about $200....not cheap...but SO worth it!!

It's the Sagemcom and you will need an adapter to plug it in. 

I am loving it! I actually want the phone to ring!

Well, that's what I've been up to. Working on dining rooms and getting all ridiculous over a silly phone!

What about you? 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Bones, Great Pieces


As I may have mentioned before in a previous post, I won an awesome blog giveaway on The Vintique Object! I won the new book Great Bones, Great Pieces, the seven essential pieces that will carry you through a lifetime, by Suzanne and Lauren McGrath! 

I love it!!

I also love that I received a hand written note from the authors!! 

How sweet is that?!?!

A HUGE thank you to Camille at The Vintique Object for hosting such an amazing giveaway and to the McGrath's for providing a copy of their awesome book!! 

Camille's blog is a must read! Every time I pop over to her blog I learn something new.....make sure to pop over and say hi!

I also love the Good Bones, Great Pieces blog. Suzanne and Lauren are a mother-daughter design team hailing from Martha Stewart and Teen Vogue. When they aren't blogging, they are collaborating on interior design projects for Suzanne McGrath Design. 

My favorite part of the book...the illustrations...

And my favorite subject...the demilune! 

I just realized that...dun DUN dun.... I don't have one! 
Gasp! I am missing one of the seven essential pieces!

Ohhh hubby, that just isn't right!

Anyway, you can get yourself a copy for less than $20 on amazon. Go get you one!

HAPPY TUESDAY! and happy blogging!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Little Progress....

My client's dining room is officially painted! 

We are all loving the color!

Here's one with the lights on....


I must say, Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, is one awesome color!! It can be casual, elegant, and is completely practical, like your favorite pair of jeans!

The accessories are coming in and we are having another piece of furniture painted. A china cabinet is getting a fresh coat of white, some bling, and some classic white dining pieces.

I also scored some great pieces for the walls at Marshalls...

$39.99 each!!  
They are actually embroidered and double matted. Score! I'm just not in love with the frame color, but I have a solution for that! 

And I am DYING for a chandelier like the one pictured here....

(from Cottage Living November 2007. OH how I miss that magazine!!!)

See what I mean?!? I'm on the hunt for a great deal! 

I will keep you all updated as the room progresses. 

Happy blogging!