Thursday, March 29, 2012

Silver and Gold


This was a fun afternoon project that took about 2 hours.

Beware! Leafing is addictive! You might suddenly find it necessary to gold leaf your remote!

P.S. UGH!! Beware of the "blogger pack" app....this post was NOT finished....but apparently the blogger pack believed it was and published it for me while I was sleeping.  There HAS to be a better blogger app out there! Do any of you use an app for your ipad?? HELP!!!

Happy Leafing!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our hallway in the back of the house just got a fresh coat of white paint..... used to be glow worm green!! 



In my defense, it wasn't supposed to be "glow worm" green, but the light bulbs that the hubs requires me to use, cast a nasty yellow/green light that makes any shade of green look like it's glowing.   I respect his efforts in saving on our electric bill, and helping the environment in his own little way, so I let the bulbs stay and got rid of the green. I was happy to see it go! 

AND I'm also very happy with some fresh new frames!!! 

You probably remember the "Fabulous Mess" canvas.....

....... that was once an "artpron"(apron with art on it) that I was too scared of using, so I had my framer stretch it for me. Now it's art for my kitchen! I purchased this fabulous piece at Third Drawer Down. They have other unique pieces and funny things for around the house. I had to have it because this is OBVIOUSLY how I look while I'm creating a mess in my kitchen....or so I wish!

I LOVE this frame!! Thank you Mr.Chet at ArtWorks!!!!

and I love the bright little pops of pink....

Another new addition is this special little piece that really makes my heart happy!

This is my Mother and her sister, Deta. 

Is there anything better than old photos?? 

The frame is also from ArtWorks. I wanted a ridiculously huge frame with lots of girly detail. Notice the lace-like texture? It's just perfect!

It's the start of a collection!

What icky wall colors have you gotten rid of lately? 

P.S. Hanging up some new frames helps ease the pain of waiting for all my loot without all the extra calories involved in cheesecake baking/eating!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I am waiting for a few crucial pieces for my living room project and it's driving me CRAZY!!!! 

 I don't know about you, but I am NOT good at the whole waiting thing. Ask my husband. Or anyone else who knows me. They will agree. I can't help it. I was born this way! I just get excited and it feels like I am waiting an eternity!

My vine lamp...

....which I can't show you yet, has been waiting for it's shade for 4 weeks now! It could be shade-less for 3 more weeks! I had to order a custom shade because it requires odd dimensions and I THOUGHT it would only take 2 weeks to come in.....not the case. So I wait. Impatiently. 

Sometimes, I nearly make rash decisions in order to avoid waiting. For example, I almost purchased a sofa recently that I was not completely in love with just so that I could have a sofa right away. See what I mean? Foolish. 

 You see, this one...... the Carlisle sofa from Pottery Barn and I LOVE it!!!! It's as comfy as a cloud and has perfectly elegant lines!! I have been drooling over this sofa for months, and I recently drove over two hours just to go sit on it for awhile! BUT because I'm horrible at waiting, I almost settled for something more like this...... 

 .....just because I could have it right away. That's just crazy. Now, I realize that having this particular sofa would hardly be "settling", because this is also a great sofa, but once I laid eyes on the rolled and pleated arms of the Carlisle ....well, you get it. Right?

 Thank goodness I have a better half who keeps an eye on me!


I've been waiting for a new slip cover to be made for the sassy birdie chair.... see, I love this vintage fabric but it just wasn't cut out for my three year old.  I will miss the sassy bird, but she might come out and play in the room in some other way. Thankfully, the slip cover is going to be ready very soon! One less thing to wait for.

Another item I'm waiting on is the fabric to make my own version of these....

Another order that will take a couple weeks! 

I'm also waiting for my favorite florist to receive some of my favorite flowers.... pretty it's ranunculus!

I've decided that waiting for things is also bad for my health. This is why: If I'm unable to spend my spare time working on pulling together my own projects around the house, then I create new projects for myself, like becoming the best cheesecake maker ever. Sounds like a project that will make waiting less painful right? Wrong.

It will just make me eat way too much cheesecake!

Do you think that maybe my front living room project is really a good lesson in patience? 
Unfortunately, I think so. Please tell me there is an app for that!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tony Taupe, Carnival Yellow, and Tidewater Blue

A cheerful and serene palette for a client's family room.....

An olioboard chalk full of inspiration....

and some meaningful pieces that we get to work with: 

a beaded clutch....

and some great photos...

Beautiful Thelma and Norma...look at those cheek bones!!

I'm really excited for this room to come together and just had to share!!

P.S. If you know of an etsy dealer or shop that is currently selling pillow covers in these fabrics......

Duralee Classics Pattern 42181 in Goldenrod

Kravet Shonnard (30773) in Spa

....please drop me a line! 

Hope you all have a fabulous day! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You got some brass....


Scored this little lady at the thrift store awhile back for 0.50!!

It's higher end look alike.... about $22. 

I love a good find every once in awhile!

What have you scored recently??

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Stripes!!

Remember the crazy new stripes in my front hall???

I only showed you the first half of them, so here's the rest....

This is the end of the hallway, which opens up to the family room and the kitchen.

There is a console behind our couch, which is where everything seems to land. Purses. Shoes. Keys. Mail. Dolls. Random tools. The list goes on. Sometimes it drives me absolutely crazy! I admit. I can't be mad at anyone in my family because I am the WORST out of everyone in this house. BUT to my credit, I'm a mom, and I have to carry around a TON of crap all the time, so I get to do that. I also happen to be the cleaning lady, and cleaning ladies get special credit too :)

I find myself wishing that there were huge special magnets attached to the walls that would automatically pull keys and change, and purses, and random tools into their proper locations. 

Yeah. Those don't exist.

But catchall bowls do....

...and I'm just gonna have to get more because I know this will forever be the spot where everything gets dumped. 

p.s. My daughter would like to say that she picked out the "flow-lers". I think she did a mighty fine job!!

AND Something new that is on it's way to this front hallway......

.....some BLING! It will go right above this door....

and replace the ugly booby light that is there right now. You know what I'm talking about. You think of boobies every time you see them too, and if you ask me, booby lights are a crime against nature! 
They should be illegal and considered blasphemous. 
True story.

Happy Monday Everyone! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bow Ties!!

I say if you have a love for something particular........
.....something like bow ties......

.....then, just go with it...

...that way, you're bound to be surrounded by things that make you smile. This winking little mug makes me smile every morning!

In our front hall, you will be greeted by this dapper dude....

This piece titled, "I Love That Tie!" is by Duke Kruse, a friend and local artist.... his grand opening a few months ago, I fell in love with that tie too and said "That piece is mine!" 

With the help of my creative framer, I was able to take my love for bow ties one step further, and if you look closely at the black frame...'ll see a surprise.....

I glued bow tie noodles to the frame! How else was I going to have a custom bow tie frame?? A girls gotta do what  a girls gotta do!

AND the Mr. Benny silhouette that resides in our front living room, finally has it's final touch!

It adds a perfect dash of color to the black wall....

.....and if you do happen to come to my front door, 
you will be greeted by this little guy....

....sporting a bow tie...because he's a classy little dude..... 

...and a perfect gentlemen! I think he needs a few more colors. What do you think??

Do you have a similar, silly, kind of love??

I hope this inspires you to find a few ways to incorporate the things you love into your decor! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Playing Around

One of my favorite things to do is creating inspiration boards....

If you love a pair of shoes why not incorporate the pattern or color into your room? 

This inspiration board is part of my own design for our Front Living Room. I'm having a lot of fun with it, as you can probably tell from my black wall and stripes that I posted earlier this week! It's amazing how just one or two seemingly simple things can really make a difference.

I've had that paint chip in the center of the board for years and every time I would come across it in my sample box I would think to myself "I love this!" Now why didn't I ever think to use it for one of my own room designs?? Silly isn't it? How things are right under our noses sometimes and we circle the earth ten times trying to find something perfect and there it was. Right there. The whole time!

A few other things that I love.....these drawings......

....they were part of a huge art collection that my source for framing (ArtWorks) sort of inherited......I dug through the art and picked out all the pieces I loved, and for some reason I was always drawn to the work by C.U. (or C.M.).....and another artist one knows who C.U. or B.K. is...but we love their work. 

It's kinda cool having work by a mysterious artist.

Now what to do with them?? There is an odd number.... to create a grouping I would have to add two similar pieces, or break them up into smaller groups, or maybe combine them with other pieces in a few different areas. I'm just gonna play around with them until I create an arrangement that works.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a picture and see if the area you're working on actually looks like you think it does. A picture can make you see things differently and can make imperfections, like a crooked picture, stand out where you otherwise wouldn't notice.

I'm also playing around with these fabrics.....I haven't made any decisions yet......
....I just love ALL of them!!

 Thomas Paul for Duralee

Because I always need a touch of old soul.....

Ralph Lauren Townhouse Collection "Ladies Mantle"

 Ralph Lauren Townhouse Collection

 Ralph Lauren Townhouse Collection

 Another Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren again

 Robert Allen for Dwell Studio

How fun is a hot pink toile????

 Robert Allen Williamsburg Collection "Full Sails"

Robert Allen Williamsburg Collection "Scrolls"

AND here are a couple sneak peaks of some new additions that I'll show in the room later....

Candlewicking Embroidery?? NOT something you see around much anymore....but I love it...mainly because of my Mom....

AND....a very cool little frame....from a very cool place...

AND.....something I've waited a VERY long time for.... almost complete! I'm just waiting for the finishing touch! I can't wait to show you when it's all finished!

This week is off to a very inspiring start! Hope yours is as well!