Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purchases to Hide! Shhhhh!

Here's all of my ideas for our nearly empty Front Living / Dining. 

Just so we're clear...all of these things are "free"...wink wink...

I would show you pics of what the room looks like now, but there really isn't much to show because it's kinda empty. Especially since the Christmas tree is down.

There's lots of work to do and lots of secret shopping that needs to happen!!

Highest on my priority list is attaining at least one of these babies.....

I love her "dress" and I would totally put my kid on a leash if she didn't already have a hood to hang onto.

Don't you just love them??

Then, the harder part, which is attaining that slip covered couch.

"Couches" are a sore subject in my house because I MAY be addicted to purchasing them. AND there MAY be at least two of my previous couch purchases in the basements of people I know. They ARE being used though, so doesn't that count for something???

AND THEN there's our desk...
that my hubs and my dad built together, for me, the demanding designer,

...and I am tempted to change it. Slightly.

By darkening the stain to a black stain. This idea was surprisingly well received. Mainly because it's practically free. BUT I'm still scared to do it! What if I mess it up?!? We'll see if I can muster up some courage for the sake of my new living room design!

If you know how to go about hiding the purchase of a rather large, slip covered sofa, please let me know! I need all the help I can get!

AND if you see any of the above La Vie's for sale somewhere....PLEASE tell this girl!!

Have a Happy Friday!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Polka Dots

I am a grown woman who loves polka dots.

Polka dots aren't just for kids!

There is a science to using polka dots correctly. 
By correctly, I mean in a non-tacky sort of way.

You know you've witnessed the abuse of  poor, innocent, polka dots, in at least one horrifying situation in your lifetime. That's why it's important to educate people on the proper use of polka dots. 

The key is using them only once. Maybe twice. Even twice is getting dangerously close to tacky. 

You've seen me use them.... girly rooms...

...and I will always use them because they are timeless and I just can't help myself! 

I'm counting on all of you to educate people on the proper use of polka dots and to also keep an eye on me and make sure my love for little dots doesn't get out of control.

Did you know that there are naysayer(s) (who shall remain nameless) who believe that "polka dots, are the zits of design"??!!

Seriously. That isn't just a quote by some guy (whose shop is frequently mentioned on this blog) who knows that I love polka dots and will fight for their honor. The nerve.

There is also a proper way to wear them.... an effortless sort of way....
It seems that it's more difficult to abuse them while wearing them, than while decorating with them. Maybe it's just too easy to get out of control when there are so many opportunities to use them.

Blouses via Emerson Made
I want EVERYTHING to be Emerson Made!!!

AND I love that the "clearance" section on the Emerson Made website is referred to as "Ends". 

So there. Please join me and stop the abuse of polka dots......and zebras.....

..enough is enough.