Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Stencil Reveal....

I let you have peak earlier.....Now here is the whole thing!

There are few new additions. 
Two black lamp shades.  You may recall that the shade on the vine lamp used to be white. When I purchased the original shade I knew that I would get all sassy and dramatic one day and need a black one, so naturally, I bought both!

Also, a new "crystal" lamp from Target! (are they really crystal?)

Don't you love Target?? 
If you don't, we can't be friends.

Of course the new lamp sits on top of my favorite Tricia Guild design book. 
(coincidentally matches my decor. funny how that works out sometimes :)

AND pink flowers are ALWAYS a necessity in my home. 
Preferably ranunculus, but roses are good too.

My favorite little birdie is still living on the green table.

It reminds me of these little creatures from Kate Spade.....

....irresistible, right?

Speaking of Kate Spade, I NEEEEEED these....

and these.....

ANYWAY, back to what I was talking about! It's SO EASY to get distracted by Kate. 

If you thought I was done adding pink to my house, you're wrong......Miss Bailey just received some pink stripes.....

...only a peak for now because I have one more wall to go!! 

This, appropriately pink, vintage Audrey, also followed me home one day.....

....and she is definitely here to stay! 


She is from Embellished Heart. I mean, OF COURSE she is! 
Where else in Kenosha would you find a vintage Audrey with a metal leopard frame?? 
No where. That's where.

Is more pink coming to the Dame house you ask?? Don't be ranunculus!

OF COURSE there is!!

by Caitlin Wilson Design

NO! I'm not getting a pink couch!!! Although one shouldn't put it past me!
See the pink detail on those drapes.....that's what I'm thinking. 

My other option is a black detail, but I've done that about nine hundred times now, so it's time to throw in some color! I think Audrey will approve. After all, she was a firm believer in pink.

I hope that if you love pink, or any other "girly" color, that you aren't afraid to use it in your home. If you're girly, be girly, and don't let anyone get in your way! AND if anyone EVER has something to say about your girliness, kindly refer them to me. I got your back.


  1. Love the stencil, also love the stripes in Miss Bailey's room. She's so lucky to have a mom with such great taste. Oh and the leopard detail in that frame...gorgeous!

  2. Wow, wow, wow. Your place is looking fantastic. Love the stencil and the stripes and every other little thing. I have the pink & orange shoes but now I must have the others. Listening Santa?

  3. FABULOUS job!!! I love pink, too. Such a fun post.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Beyond fabulous - love the graphic punch from the stencil and those fabulous silhouettes (the dog is perfect)! Of course we can be friends - my middle name is Target - great lamps!

  5. Oh I agree awesome!! I am new here and so glad to have discovered your blog!

  6. I feel like I may be missing it but where did you find that stencil? It looks just like the
    Kelly Wearstler trellis wallpaper I have been drooling over! So glad I found your blog through Sadie and Stella.

  7. Thanks everyone!! It was definitely worth the pain! In case any of you are wondering, the stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils on etsy. It's a great shop with a nice selection. I can't remember what the stencil name is though.....sorry about that!
    I'm so happy to see some new people checking in! Thanks so much for stopping by! I love to see your comments!

  8. This is amazing! I'm you're newest follower, hope you'll stop by my way!

    I'm just waiting for some fun decals to come in and then I'll be doing a gold argyle print in my dining room!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  9. Oh embarrassing that I used "you're" in the wrong context... I hate when people do that :/

  10. Wandered over from Sadie and Stella- super fun post! I cannot believe that is a stencil!

  11. Did you paint that green side table? Could you share what color it is? I love it!

  12. Hello green side table admirer :)
    To answer your question, no, I did not paint the table, a friend of mine who owns her own boutique did this for me, but I do know the paint color is a mix of Argyle and Mint Julip from Sherwin Williams. A very close color is actually Emerald Green, the Pantone color of the year. You can find it at Lowes.
    Hope that helps!

  13. Where did you get the boston terrier artwork? I love it?


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