Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Crazy Birch!!

Do you watch it??

Once Upon A Time??

I will warn you. It will suck you in....and then you'll be hooked. Every week you will sit yourself on the couch with a glass of wine and ultimately find yourself all stressed out and worried, and then....green with envy!! 

Like this, "OH NOoOoO!! Is Charming EVER going to find Snow White?!?!?....will they EVER get to live happily ever after?!?!?!?.....Oooooh, I LOVE that wallpaper....AND that mirror!!! OMG!! DON'T eat that apple!!!! That stupid birch!! Wait. That lamp is freaking awesome and LOOK at those delicious red apples with the birch wallpaper!! I Neeeed that wallpaper!!"

Every week.

Look at that stupid birch....

She's so pretty, but she's just so mean!

I have never wanted to be a wicked queen/evil mayor so badly!!

I have even gone so far as to locate my wicked queens chair....

The "Deconstructed 19th Century English Wing Chair from Restoration Hardware. I found one at the outlet for $1000 less than retail!! Now.....to make her mine......muhahaha......

As the wicked queen/evil mayor, I would like to make one tiny change to my evil office. ...I don't like the silver rings on the tops of columns.... 

....I would prefer them to be all black or all white. The silver next to the creamy white just isn't working for me. So, on my first day as the wicked queen/evil mayor, I will have that changed. 

In the meantime, I will figure out how to get some of this birch wallpaper in my own, REAL, life! 

Here is a version of the reverse. SO COOL isn't it?!

One with patience COULD make this happen with chalk....on a chalk wall....I'll bet you're shocked that I figured out another thing to to do with chalk paint....

...to go with my chalkboard chargers AND birch candles. My hubs cut up some of our logs this weekend and I LOVE them!!! I am supposed to sell these....but I can't seem to let them go!! Would you? I didn't think so!

Are you crazy for birch?? What is going on??


  1. I am crazy about birch as well and would do my whole house in that wallpaper. You know there's a stencil like that??? Seriously. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never heard of this show but need to find it.

  2. I have never seen that show, Kelle. I need to check it out. I wonder if I can catch it on, On Demand? Anyway...I love your birch candles and I would have a hard time selling them too. They look great grouped together on your table. Enjoy your weekend.


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