Monday, October 29, 2012

"Not All Those Who Drift.....

.....are lost"... what that little mirror says! I agree. 

I LOVE the "cruise ship style" home of my good friend, and design soul sister, Tori!!
I am helping her with some finishing touches in her home and I really wish I could just move in!

Her and I have pretty much the same style and humor that we love to express in our homes.

I mean, I don't know anyone else who would freak over this t.v. tray the same way that I would!

Can you even imagine Silver Springs at this time? With the cute, not so slutty bikinis, and high heels?? 

And the person who made this.....

.....had to have had some patience!

NOTICE the blue ceilings???
Your ceilings are walls too! They deserve the proper attention and a light shade of blue can make normal ceiling heights seam much higher.

LOOK at the drapes....would you EVER guess those are canvas painter's cloths?!?! I would never have guessed! They look like linen! 
I suggested added a trim of white grosgrain ribbon to dress them up just a bit. 

The view from the kitchen.....

....that are almost swinging along with the waves.

And my FAVORITE room...

The dining room...

It's just so bright and sparkly and filled with soul!! 

ALL of these pieces and every little accessory you see, are reinvented finds, heirlooms, or just cool things that she has thrifted along the way. If her home isn't proof that you can decorate and fill your home with beautiful, meaningful things, on a realistic budget, then I don't know what is!

The connected family room with a gorgeous Chesterfield leather sofa!

I have so much more to share from Tori's home and shop Embellished Heart. We will keep you posted on our progress and meanwhile, if you happen to be a local to the Kenosha area, you can find more cool stuff at Embellished Heart. Her store is just brimming....go see for yourself!

Have a fabulous week friends!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Ghost!!

It never gets old!!

Who doesn't love a ghost chair or two???

I finally got a couple! 

One for the shop, and one for me....

.....a wise investment indeed! 

AND surprisingly comfortable!

You can save a ton by getting a non-original on so many websites. These were only $125 each and free shipping. I can handle that price!

Happy Monday!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Put it in Neutral.....

......when you can't commit to a specific color palette, or certain style, just put it in neutral. I won't call you a chicken. I promise! I have to do the same thing at my house. I just love SOOO many different styles and colors, it's the only way to keep it calm.

Neutral doesn't equal bland or can still have some hints of yellow, and blue, or purple, it doesn't matter! The neutral backdrop will tie it all together! 

In this family room we used shades of taupe and creamy white......

shiny bronze and silver too.....with hints of sunny yellow and pale blue!
Yep. I might be reading too many children's books....

This unique stacked end table.......

......used to be a dark brown, which was too dark and heavy for the space, so my girl Tori, over at Embellished Heart, gave it a fresh new coat of creamy white and shiny taupe! Now it feels light and airy like the rest of the space.

This rug began our color story ( The Tabitha rug from Ballard Designs)....

We pulled out the greenish blues and yellows for accent colors.

As for the lamp.....'s another recycled piece which used to be a dark brown. Also, too dark and heavy for the space.
Notice it's Trina Turk-like design??
I hand painted it with leftover paint from the other table that received the Tori treatment.....

( sorry for the darkness!!)

You can see the blue a bit better here, and how the color is also seen in the ikat fabric....

Isn't using what you already have a beautiful thing??

It's especially beautiful when what you already have is very special too. Of course it doesn't hurt if those special things have great bones too!
Like this chair.......

(The fabric is 

.......that used to belong to my client's Grandmother. How special is that?? It adds so much love and beauty to the space.

In case you missed my previous post about the chair, here is what it looked like many years ago....

And of course, we had to get a nice frame for the photo and put it out for everyone to see!!!

The mirror on the mantel has a frame that was re-purposed as well....

My client had some great photos of her Grandmother to display.....

...and a few special objects like the beaded purse above. Together they create a very special wall arrangement that will be easy to add to over the years......

As you can probably tell, this project is a very special one, and I am so honored to share with you all!!

I hope it inspires you to use what you already have that may have great bones, or significant meaning, even if they require a face lift. They are ALWAYS worth the investment!!

Have a fabulous week!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

It's Just a Crush....

......or is it?? 

Vintage Lucite Handbags!!

A consignor recently brought these into the shop and I brought them home to take some pics for the Etsy shop. I am finding it extremely difficult to post these listings....I mean EXTREMELY difficult!! 

I have a feeling that if I do post them, I will whip out my credit card shortly after!! 

Look at that clasp!!

These aren't just little handbags, they are show stoppers with multiple functions. Carry them, display them, put your jewelry in them, put a beautiful gift inside them, or just simply stare at them....



And then, this black one!!

That clasp again!!

These are genuine lucite bags by Charles S. Kahn of Miami FL.

Dear Charles S. Kahn, 
You complete me.
Kelle Dame

You can see more from the Etsy shop here: Coco's Attique on Etsy

Just don't count on seeing each one of these listed!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Play Like A Champion.....

.....and work and have fun like one too!!

This hand painted wall was a surprise birthday gift for an adorable 13 year old client. As you can probably tell, he and his family are huge Notre Dame fans!! 

Need something special painted on cement block?? I'm your girl! 
All those pits won't stand a chance!
Have normal, flat walls?? Even better!!

Play like a champ this week!