Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Putting a Collection to Work......

Do you have a collection of some sort hiding away in a drawer or in the attic??? 

I do. 

I actually have a few, but today, we will focus on my unhealthy obsession with magazines and magazine covers. It's ridiculous!

I ALWAYS intend to do something cool with my "collections"....and then life happens....BUT this time....I DID SOMETHING !!! I did exactly what I do for clients.....for myself.

I put my vintage New Yorker covers to WORK!

They grace the dressing rooms of Sixth Avenue Consignment AND they are the first of my personal collections available for purchase to the public.

Of course, you can find similar prints online, framed in less than desirable metal frames, with a cheap 6ply mat, BUT that just isn't how I roll....

....When I pull out the 8ply, I mean business!!

Notice the mix of frames?? 

It's subtle, but it adds a sparkle of interest, and ties them all together at the same time. 

(This beautiful frame work at beautiful pricing was, as always, provided by my homey Chet, at ArtWorks. Why locals still go to Hobby Lobby...I'll never understand!!)

You KNOW this one with the hot dog/ice cream cart is my FAVORITE!!!

These dressing rooms are coming together and I couldn't be happier with how they are turning out. I even have another set of four coming soon!!

If you have a collection hidden away somewhere, get it out!! It's not doing any good stashed away somewhere and if you suddenly feel the urge to start collecting beautifully framed New Yorkers, I can't really blame you!

For details on pricing and shipping please send me an email at

Have a fabulous week!


  1. I don't blame you for collecting the covers, they are gorgeous. They look so nice framed.

  2. Love it Kelle!My favorite antique mall had a poster-sized print of a New Yorker cover for sale a while back and I fell in love-it was a fortune though. I think I like your framed original covers better.

  3. Those look really great! The frames, the mats, all of it!


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