Monday, August 27, 2012

What's New?

My blank canvas is blank no longer....



The owner and I wanted to describe the woman that shops at Sixth Avenue. I think we did a pretty swell job!

There are a few embellishments as well...

A brooch or two...

AND the wall behind the checkout counter is ALMOST complete!!!

Here is a peak....

The mirror is another gorgeous find from Embellished Heart! 

I covered a large portion of the wall with this damask stencil and that GORGEOUS chandelier lamp is from Embellished Heart!! It is adorned with some pretty crystals that aren't exactly showing up in this image. I will be sure they do in the next!

...I learned many lessons during this stenciling project. One of which, is to hire someone for all future stenciling projects! Of course, I did pick the most detailed stencil in the world, so the fact that it was so tedious was my fault. I have a tendency of doing that to myself! Someday, I might learn, but it's doubtful. :) 

Here are some Stenciling Tips that I learned the hard way:

1. Use Floetrol paint conditioner. It slightly thins the paint and slows the drying time. This will help the paint slide on and stop it from gooping up and clogging the small detailed areas.

2. Keep wet paper towels handy! A LOT of them!

3. Keep a bottle of wine within reach and a bowl of white cheddar crackcorn.

4. Start in the center and slowly work out, while skipping around to different areas, so as not to smear the newly painted sections.

5. Make sure you have a few vacation days available after completion. You will need them.

P.S. I hate stenciling! I will say, the results are always worth it!

Happy Monday!! 


  1. i love what you wrote on the board, it is so perfect :)

  2. Love it!! you did an amazing job!!!

  3. You might not like it but you're damn good at it!! It all looks fantastic.

  4. Totally understand your pain..every time I stencil...I think, "this is so hard" but the work is always worth it...Your wall is wonderful!! The chalkboard wall is a great way to greet shoppers, too!


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