Monday, August 6, 2012

My Two Favorite Things!!

Fashion and Interior Design. 

My two obsessions!

They are colliding at Sixth Avenue Consignment! A fabulous little consignment boutique located in downtown Kenosha!

Here is a little taste of what I have been up to...

The fitting rooms!

I still have some ALOT of work to do, but I am soooo very excited to be working on this fabulous boutique! I am also excited to work with it's owner, Mrs. Sherry Ludwig, a fellow Scorpio, who also has a great eye for fashion and design. It doesn't hurt that she also has a love for wine and tasty treats....ok... maybe that does hurt when I try to put on my pants...but that doesn't matter!! We have a ton of fun together! 

What can you find at this lovely little boutique?? Besides me and my own little line of home decor about some Dooney & Bourke.....Coach.....Ralph Lauren.....Micheal Kors...the list goes on!!! Sometimes it is VERY hard for me to work being surrounded by so many things I want to take home with me!

So get your booty down to my favorite little town, Kenosha, which is at times lovingly referred to as Ken-nowhere, and do some SHOPPING!! Why Ken-nowhere you may be asking?? Because A LOT of people do NOT realize that the cutest little boutiques are starting to pop up AND that there are some great places to eat and shop in the downtown area! Actually, the BEST places are located downtown! Why people still go to chain stores and restaurants and pay MORE, I will never understand.

Anyway, now that I have rattled on about Kenosha, can you see where this beige, cream, and purple palette is heading??

There will be some pops of green, turquoise, and some additions of classic black and white.

Can't wait to share more with you! I am working like crazy and some of my latest and greatest projects will be ready for their closeups! Stay tuned!


  1. YOU. ARE. MAKING. IT. HAPPEN!!!! So proud of you - this room looks amazing!!! I want to try on everything in there!

  2. What an awesome project. I love the palette and the chair fabric is so beautiful. Who makes it?

  3. Hi Carol! Ithe palette wasn't even just happened! I love it when things come together like that! The fabric is waverly modern essentials "network". I was able to find it for $12.97/yd at loom craft. Hope you can find some for yourself!

  4. So pretty! I love the framed hooks on the wall


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