Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall is Coming!!

Are you jonesing for fall??

I AM!!

It's my favorite season for several reasons:

1. My Daughter's birthday and MY birthday happen to be in the fall! We always go bonkers for both, and I can't even wait!

2. You get to wear boots again!! 
I'll take these Kate Spade's...

thank you very much!

3. You get to wear sweaters and sweater dresses!! This equals getting to hide the results of your summer 
love affair with the new bakery that opened around the corner!! 

This one looks like it will do the trick!

This one might require a larger bow...... hide the fact that the chocolate cupcakes at the bakery seem to have CRACK in them!!

4. Soup. Especially cheesy soup. Maybe with some beer battered cheese curds on top??
Hey!! Don't judge. I live in Wisconsin!

5. It may be a good coincidence that fall is also when the time comes to renew my gym membership.

6. The BEST colors! Like these....

Which are part of my fall color palette at the consignment boutique!! 

Here is another little peak.....

(I am leaving the cover on these fabulous shades until I am done slinging paint around! 
I don't want you to think I am like THAT. You know the type. NOT fun.)

As you can see, I tackled another stripe project! I think I am a professional stripe painter at this point! 
The color: Impulsive Purple by Sherwin Williams /sw6832.

The fabulous Italian lamp is part of a set that was brought into the shop by a consignor and we purchased them immediately! I mean, how often do vintage Italian lamps just walk right in the door??? I wish they would more often. Some vintage Italian sconces and chandeliers would be great too....just sayin....the door is open!

I can almost show you a finished fitting room, but we are still working on a rug, some wall art, and the mirror frame, BUT it will come together really soon! I am BEYOND excited to show you more!! 

If you're a local, there are similar lamps at LeEsthers, as well as any kind of lamp shade you could ever want!! The owners of this local business KNOW their lighting, and the people around here who know what's up, travel the necessary miles just to be taken care of by these experts. That's what happens when you're awesome!

So there's my top six reasons that I love fall almost as much as pumpkin muffins and chocolate/crack filled cupcakes!! 


  1. I love fall because I of all of these reasons PLUS leaves and cool air and blue skys AND I get to visit YOU!!! PS - I want your stripes in my house! But I can't paint. UGH. Renting.

  2. Wow, that shop is so beautiful already. I can't wait to see the entire place completed. I also love, love, love fall. My birthday, my husband's birthday, big sweaters and boots. yay for fall:)


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