Monday, July 30, 2012

My Latest Obsession....

...this color!! 

I gave you the sneaky peak last week and now I am revealing the whole table and it's lovely color, Argyle Green, by Sherwin Williams, SW6747's like Kelly Green with a bit of a minty twist!

This sweet little lady is from Embellished Heart. Can you tell I love Tori and her little shop yet?? 
You just can't beat hand picking the piece of furniture you want and choosing your own color! It's so much fun!

Notice the little floral detail? 

AND you can pick an accent color for inside the drawers!! 

Open it up and BAM!! You get hit with some chartreuse! 

Sometimes I leave the drawer open just to let the chartreuse peak out. 
I know! My house is NOT a boutique! BUT I can pretend it is!

I pulled the color from my "old lady Margie" pillow. 
Sometimes people say stuff like this "Ewww!! Florals are soooo old lady!" 
Guess what? If you like floral fabrics, then you like floral fabrics. The end.
There is always a way to freshen up something that might otherwise be "old lady".

AND I always say that your decor MUST ALWAYS be true to YOU. So, if you have an old soul like me, then it is only appropriate to honor it. 

Why not freshen up an old floral with some color? Like the Argyle, or a hot pink? or a sassy print? or even a bold stripe? A great balance of old and new, fresh and aged, is always a good thing in my book.

Now for this bird....

She makes me laugh and she has a gold beak. When you find a bird with a gold beak, you buy it. 
Plus, for me, a room just isn't finished until you put a bird on it. (Portlandia fan?? No?)

She is also from Embellished Heart. Many years ago, she was used to dispense powder for one fabulous lady. Now, she could dispense glitter, or Parmesan cheese, the possibilities are almost endless!

If you live in the Kenosha area, or even Northern Illinois, and your home could use some custom painted pieces, or some beautiful little accents, Embellished Heart, is the place to go. If you stop by, tell Tori that Kelle sent you!

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a great summer!


  1. What a beautiful little table and the colour rocks. Have you seen the Apartment Therapy post about how hot florals are? You're a trendsetter. And yes, I do love Portlandia:)

  2. Its beautiful, your table,love that color... well love your house!
    I am also an apologist for recycling old furniture ;p)


  3. That is beautiful!!! One of my very favorite colors

    ps. please come by and enter to win one of my hand knit bows :)


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