Monday, July 9, 2012

Grab A Cookie, Get a Wink!

There is a new addition to the kitchen....

Who knew that Bailey's made a limited edition cookie jar?!?!

Not me, which is why I'm glad my girl Tori at Embellished Heart knows what's up. She found a couple of these little guys and snatched them right up! I'm so happy that I got to take one home with me! 

He was just meant for my kitchen....

...and he adds another bow tie to my collection!

Thank you Tori!! I hope the other little guy finds a happy kitchen too!

Hope you all have a "cookie and a wink" kind of week!


  1. I bet my mom would LOVE the other one if he hasn't found a home yet!!

    1. YES! I'll pick it up when I visit for Bailey's belated birthday!

  2. haha, that might scare me a little but it's cute :)


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