Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Old Soul In Me...

If our interiors reflect who we are, and I truly believe they do, then it would be a shame not to indulge the old soul that is a part of me....she is 90 and her name is Margie. She's a crazy old bird with great taste and a shoe string budget. 

This is a taste of Margie's living room....

The vine lamp is finally finished!!

Remember, about three years ago, that twisty vine was in my back yard, wrapped around an old metal swing set. It wasn't pretty, and was a whole lot of dead, but we saved the vine and gave it a brand new life as a lamp! My hubs welded up a metal base and ran some wires through a pipe and voila! We have a beautifully twisty lamp that cost under $80!!

This lamp shade is from a local store that has been around longer than Margie, LeEsthers, in downtown Kenosha. They can also take anything and turn it into a light fixture. They can, and have, done it all!

Another new addition is this lovely little floral painting...I stole it from my frame dude at ArtWorks....

I said "Hey. I'm stealing this. Deal with it" That's how small business people roll.

....and a fun pillow from Embellished Heart.....

I only temporarily stole this pillow, now that I know Margie loves it, I will own it the legal way.

Now that I have fulfilled my inner Margie, I need to fulfill my sassy side....

...and my classic, but fresh, side....that LOVES pink!!

....I just wouldn't be able to help it!

More to come later!! I can't wait to add some more pink and a couple new little pieces of furniture!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week! Can't wait to see what you have all been up to!!


  1. How fun is that vine lamp!? Brilliant! Love all of your new additions/thoughts.

  2. Hello Margie, my name is Eloise! Nice to meet you!

    Seriously, that vine lamp is awesome and I love the bits of old lady in your living room!

  3. Umm - your vine lamp is awesome Marg!!!


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